Saturday, November 1, 2008

What had happen was...

We got back from the University of Delaware around 7 or 8 pm. The scrimmage went well! The fellas had energy and bounce. We made a lot of mistakes but for the most part we played well! We played two 20 minute halves, like a regular game and we out scored them in both. Then we played another 20 minute half where we tried to get the reverses some minutes. I played those guys the entire time while U of D subbed guys in and out. Then we did situations (situations are, we are down 4 with ball, no time out and 2 minutes on the clock etc.) and we won some and they won some. It was a good trip overall cause we got a chance to play against some one else and we were able to get tape of it. Tape is the best teacher because it doesn’t lie. Sometimes guys will fight you to the end when you tell them some of the things they are doing on the court. Then you bring that tape out and…BAM! Oh, “I didn’t realize I was doing that!” The names and the faces are the only things that change baby! If you’ve coached anything at any level…you know what I mean!

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