Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Man n da Mirror

I staring at… the man in the mirror…I’m asking him to change his ways. If we want to make the world a betta place…take a look at yourself…and make a… CHANGE! Michael Jackson’s joint hits the point doesn’t it? Each one of us has to look at our selves today if we want to change the direction of this country we need to get out and VOTE!

Today will mark history! Unbelievable! It’s not a racial thing per se, like we got a black president so...now! It’s a thing of, it’s fair and equal opportunity now! As a people, brought here as slaves, treated as second class citizens, not given an opportunity to learn or vote and to becoming President of the free world…DAMN! Barack Obama is the best candidate regardless of race. The cat has a unique view from both sides of the racial barrier but even the folks that named him couldn’t have thought he was going to run for President of THE United States wit that full name! Going feel real good…sha moan…make that CHANGE! Man, look the words up, that’s how da song goes and you try to spell “shamoan”…well I know he was saying “come on”, but it sure doesn’t sound like that. Mike was BIG back then…he was making his on words! Hey, if this Presidency thing don’t work out..look at the Man in da mirror! I voted...did U?

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