Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Era! Yeah Boy!

It’s official! Mike Bozeman is the Head Women’s coach at George Washington University! Good Luck Mike! You’ll be great there. The press conference was cool and the people at GW are very supportive. He handled himself very well and I’m happy for him. I took my son, Blake and my nephew Okoye, to the press conference to share their uncle’s special day with him! He’s a role model for them and they are very proud of him.

Hey the NBA draft is tomorrow! It’ll be a great day for a lot of families! It’s like hitting the lottery for folks! You can really see the exhaling from the mothers, aunties, etc. It’s like watching the show, “Who wants to be a Millionaire.” I really enjoy seeing people reach their dreams and goals! It’s the dream of a lot of youngsters to walk across that stage and shake hands with David Stern. Now, just because a guy doesn’t get drafted, doesn’t mean he can’t make it because there are countless examples of how guys were undrafted but still made teams. No one can and shouldn’t be able to steer you away from your dreams and goals! I would still encourage all the youngsters to get a degree because at some point they will transition into another phase of their lives and they need to be prepared. I’m all for young people working towards a career in the NBA. Sure the odd are long but the odds are long for a lot of professions. You need determination, sacrifice, a little luck and hard work but you need that in most everything you do, if you want to be successful. I just think that most struggle with the transition into life after hoops. The hoops life line is different for each person. The average length of an NBA player’s career is 3 years even though some enjoy the fantasy life for 10-18 years. Go for it fellas just be prepared when you have to re-position yourself.

Good luck to a couple of young fellas I’ve had the pleasure of coaching at some point in their young careers. I had the opportunity to coach Mike Beasley a couple of summers with the D.C Assault AAU program and O.J Mayo, who I had an opportunity to coach during the Reebok ABCD camp a couple of years ago. Mike actually worked as a counselor at my camp in Bowie, Maryland for a couple of summers. He still holds the record for being the worst referee in camp history. I had a lot of fun coaching O.J in camp...oh yeah, good luck to Bill Walker too he was on my camp team also. Those two had played together for years and put a show on during camp with alley oops and exciting plays. Mike and Bill played at Kansas State and O.J at USC. I remember those green room days during draft night with Jason, Lamond and Shareef, all three went in the lottery. Jason (2nd) went to Dallas, Lamond (7th) to the L.A Clippers and Reef (3rd) to Vancouver (now Memphis). Ed Gray went in the first round too but he was the 21st pick by the Atlanta Hawks. It’s exciting for sure so Congratulations to Mike (D.C Assault’s first potential #1 pick), O.J, Bill, Fatima (Mike’s Mom), Curtis Malone (mentor/Coach), Delonte Hill (College Coach), Joel Bell (Agent) and everyone else participating in tomorrow’s event. It’s a dream come true and lots of people play a role in these young people getting to this point. Enjoy people….but as my man B.I.G said …”More money, more problems” and it’s just begun!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Exam time! New women's coach at GW is familar!

Just took my NCAA certification test today. All coaches have to take a 40 question multiple choice exam once a year. You have to score 80% or better to pass and all coaches at every level have to be certified in order to recruit off campus. There are a lot of rules and each test is different. It is an open book test but you only get an hour and 20 minutes to take it. So you have to know where to look to find the answers if you don't know them. We have four coaches, myself included that have to be certified. Director of basketball operations can recruit off campus within a 30 mile radius. Your certification is good for a year, so it takes you through the spring of the following year. If you fail the test, it has happened to some coaches, you must wait a certain number of days before you can take the test again. You must pass before you can recruit off campus. Oh yeah...I passed!

Press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 1 p.m on the campus of George Washington University! My brother Mike will be introduced as the Head Women's basketball coach for the Lady Colonials. It's a great opportunity and he will do extremely well! I'm really happy for him and only wish our father was here to attend the press conference and the games. I say it that way because I know he looking down and guiding both of our steps. We all miss him A LOT! Mike was the Head girls coach at Bishop McNamara High school 5 years ago. One of his teams went undefeated until the last game of the season and that one lost cost them the girls high school National championship! They were the number one ranked team in the USA Today girls high school basketball poll all year until the end. It was tough but they had a great season. I felt really bad for the girls. My niece Nikki was on the team and all the girls use to, and I guess still, call me Uncle Todd. Seven or eight of those girls went on to play division one basketball and the majority received scholarships. He's had players at Georgetown, Louisville, Maryland, UNC Chapel Hill, Purdue, UNC Charlotte, NC Central, UNC Greensboro, Winthrop, George Washington and Bowie State. You want to know why he went into women's basketball...he has six daughters! He's the "Kang" of the house for sure. I spelled it's King in other circles but "Kang" at his house! LOL!

Good Luck little brother! You're prepared so take your exam...Plan your work and work your Plan! Go Lady Colonials!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Morgan State Golf Tournament!

Great job Morgan State golf tournament committee! We played a modified Florida scramble where the captain selects the best ball then everyone plays their own ball to the hole. No re-peat today! The outing really went well, the weather was great and we had a lot of fun, but the champs didn't repeat! Our foursome or threesome, which included Dallas Evans, Don Hill and myself, shot a 67. The winners shot a 63. When I say we laughed and had a good time, we laughed and had a good time. There was a foursome playing behind us and they were all dressed alike! We thought they were going to Kings Dominion...or were auditioning for the Five heart Beats minus one or the Four Tops review! Just having fun fellas.....thanks for being good sports! They got some laughs on us too but I can't possibly share that! LOL We weren't dress alike though! Hill and Dallas carried me the majority of the day, although I had some good shots too. Turf Valley is a nice course and the greens were fast. Congratulations again to the tournament committee for a successful outing!

Celtic Green! And possible Re-Peat!

First of all….Congratulations to the Boston Celtics! Doc Rivers, KG, Paul Pierce & Ray Allen, man they got it done! I really respect how Boston kept pushing and playing hard when they were still up by 30 points. That’s how you are supposed to do it. Play until there are zeros on the clock! I blogged about that earlier, so I’m glad that recent history has given us another example. That game, although a blow out and is not fun to watch, should be a great lesson in how to stay in the present. The Lakers shouldn’t harbor any ill feelings by being blasted like that either because as the saying goes, “Go Hard or Go Home!” Yeah, I picked the Lakers and they didn’t come through. All the fellas picked Boston and I salute the Celtics. I wasn’t hating on them I just thought that Kobe had reached a point that he was going to take a step into history and I really appreciated the huge hill he had to climb to restore his image! I’m happy for the whole crew! I actually know quite a few of those guys, Doc, KG, P.P, Leon Powe, Eddie House (even though he was mad that I didn’t recruit him when I was the Head Coach at Cal…we had quite a few cats and he had a great career at ASU), Sam and assistant coach Kevin Eastman (He was the Head Coach at Washington State when I was the Head Coach at Cal). So I am extremely happy for those guys!

Info came out about Tiger’s knee, which makes what he accomplished in the US Open even more incredible. A tore ACL and 2 fractures, like I said before, whew! And someone had the audacity to suggest that he was faking or over dramatizing the injury. Kills that theory! Take a rest Tiger, get healthy and come back swinging. The tour is going to suffer a little while he’s out, for sure.

Morgan State University Golf outing is tomorrow! We are playing at Turf Valley, which is a nice course and we always have a lot of fun. I’m playing in a foursome with the Chairman of the Board of Regents, Dallas Evans, Don Hill (Morgan State’s Head Football Coach) and another soon to be winner yet to be announced. Now Hill and I won last years outing and are looking for a re-peat! Did the champs just get the # 1 pick in the draft? I hear my man can play! Stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

History and Growth!

Wow! Tiger did it today! The dude is off the charts! The playoffs lived up to the hype! NBC and NIKE made out big this weekend. The decision to put the US Open on prime time was a big hit! Great sports drama, as Tiger and Rocco battled for 19 holes. I’m glad I am living to see this kind of history!

Hey, the Hill Fieldhouse’s floor is almost done. It looks really good! What happens is, every so often, you are suppose to have the gym/arena floor re-done and no one can remember the last time the floor was re-done at the Fieldhouse. The guys were putting the tape down to line the floor. They were also putting down the 3 point lines. There will be two different lines, the women’s line is right inside the men’s 3 point line and will be a different color. It takes awhile for the work to be completed. In the meantime, the guys that are around and in summer school are playing pick up games at UMBC, Loyola and Towson. They are also lifting weights 3 times a week. When players are around in the summer, playing pick up together, lifting and bonding, it makes your team grow. Some guys are rehabbing injuries from the season and some are just around to have a consistent place to workout and play. This is a good sign, because good teams and programs have players that really dedicate themselves during the summer. The Kenner summer league will start on July 5th and we will have a team in the league but only two returning players from the same team can play together. Our team will consist of two returnees and the list of incoming players and some players from other local programs. I know the fellas are looking forward to it.

Boubacar retuned from his workout with the Detroit Pistons today. He said it went well and I’m sure it did. He is a hard worker and will definitely have a chance to make a living playing basketball somewhere. It says a lot for the growth of the program when guys can at least get invited to workout for teams before the draft. I wish Boub and Jamar Smith the best.

NBA Finals Game 6 tomorrow! Don’t hate, it ain’t over!

Until manana! Peace

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!!!!!

First, I'd like to wish all the Fathers....a Happy Father's Day! Great day over here baby! First of all, I woke up this morning.....Thank you Lord. After dropping my son off (with his assistant coach from his high school team) for his ride to a basketball camp, I went to church(8:30 service and had some great thoughts about my Dad....I really, really miss the cat), played golf with some buddies at 10( we had great weather!), went to a cookout for fathers at my buddy's house, watched The Tiger Woods show (he's the baddest cat on the planet) and then watched the NBA finals! Can't get any better than that! T tried to text message and call as many of the fathers that I know.

Doc Rivers is setting the standard for former players coming out of the T.V booth to coach. People are surprised when guys get head coaching jobs without having coached a team before......but hey, if a guy wins a championship....there's not much you can say! He's doing a great job! A great example of how you should push through tough times. Awful year last the greatest single season turn around in the history of the NBA. I always say, that life and sports mirror it other. Remember that old saying, "Tough times don't last....tough people do!"

Now........back to Tiger! WOW! The cat has been off 9 weeks or so and has a chance to win the first major he's playing in...right off the bat! The BADDEST!

That was the first time I've seen that commercial with his dad talking about his mental toughness! Great commercial and perfect for father's day! People that don't play golf don't understand how good he really is! He has transformed Golf! Everyone is watching golf now. His mental toughness is off the charts! He gets my vote as the best athlete EVER!

For those who still have your fathers around, man, cherish them and enjoy them! God gave me a GIFT for 42 years...and I am truly thankful! Ten years ago I started playing golf to have something to do with my dad.....and the last thing we did together golf. Playing with some of your clubs Pops....Heros live FOREVER! Hope I qualify one day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Even if you hear the BIG Lady humming.... it doesn't mean it's over!

WOW!! Ok…..The Boston Celtics have the momentum on their side now…lol…up 3-1…Last night’s game was history for sure! The Lakers blew a 24 point led? Yes, even in the NBA, a team can blow a huge lead. This example gives credence to the fact that it’s never over til it’s over. For a stretch in the 3rd & 4th quarters, the Lakers looked out of sync. They couldn’t run their offense, couldn’t score and took bad shots! I know Boston was playing great defense, but man……the Lakers looked awful! Props to Doc Rivers for not cashing the chips in and for continuing to motivate his team! And to the players, for not quitting! Oakland cat…Eddie House was a huge lift. Guys like House, Leon Powe (also from Oakland) and Sam Cassell are great examples to young players, of how to be a professional. They don’t always play or are not always in the regular rotation, but are always ready when called upon! Always be ready young guys….you never know sometimes, when your opportunity will come.

Keep fighting Kobe….”It ain’t over til it’s over”! LOL

It’s funny because we had a similar situation, this year at Morgan State, when we played at FAMU. We were up 21 in the first half and squandered the lead minute by minute. I called timeout after timeout, but couldn’t stop the bleeding. We went into the half time up 14 and the slide continued in the second half. So I’ve seen that movie before and know first hand that it can happen.

It’s a life lesson as well….when things are going bad, never give up cause it can always get better and when things are going great…stay focused cause you can always lose it! Stay on your P’s and Q’s is the lesson learned! As coaches always preach….Play til there are Zeros on the clock!

“It ain’t over til it’s over”! Life’s joy is in the journey, not the destination!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Staying Focused! Staying In Touch!

Ok....the Lakers are now down 1-2 in the NBA finals! Kobe has drawn some blood now! Game four is a must! It's funny how every time a team loses a game...people start to think negative! What ever happen to strong belief! Never wavering! Staying focused! It's never over til it's over! Game four is on tomorrow!

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who happens to be a Morgan State grad, and I was sharing my thoughts about my Blog and the fact that alums etc. could follow along as I roam the recruiting trail this summer. Afterwards, I thought I might need to explain that as a college coach, you can't make comments about players in the media. It's deemed as a recruiting advantage. Therefore, I will share my thoughts at each stop this summer. I can't name specific recruits but I can discuss how the tournament is going or how the talent level is at a particular event. The summer recruiting calendar starts on July 6th and ends on the 31st.There is a break however, from July 16-21st, which is called a "dead period", where coaches can't evaluate or have contact with recruits. The NCAA started this a couple of years ago because before, once you left home in didn't return until the end. The break is better for everyone, the players get a break, coaches get a break, families don't have to travel behind their sons for a couple of days and coaches families get to see dad for a minute! Gotta love the summer recruiting!!!!

Game four @ 9pm! The series will be tied 2-2 the next time you hear from me! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Golf Outing Starts the week off!

Tuesday morning.....I played in the Mark Mosley/ NIH Celebrity golf tournament held at Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club in Leesburg, VA yesterday. I hit the ball pretty good, it's tough sometimes in those settings tho! I played with some cool guys from Southern Management Group.....we shot 6 over but had fun! I won closest to PIN on the 15th hole...not sure what I won cause i left after dinner to get back on the other side of town. This was my 2nd time playing in this event and I had fun even though it was very HOT out there.....whew! Also got a chance to meet some of the old Redskin players, Pat Fisher (that cat still has a lot of energy and I would have never guessed that he was that small), Roy Jefferson (big cat! Didn't know he was drafted by the Steelers 1st), Ron Saul and Mike Bragg. The Morgan State Golf Tournament is next....scheduled for June 20th! Looking forward to it for sure!

The NBA finals continue tonight and I know the Celtics are up 2-0 but I still got the Lakers winning the title in six! Game 2 was really crazy....I won't say the officiating was questionable but....the officiating was questionable! Great story on my man Leon Powe...he's a good cat and I'm really happy for him, that he's getting his props now! My man B Ward gets big props for supporting the big fella from the beginning!

The fellas are doing what they are suppose to do in summer school and are about to finish up the first session. The Kenner league will start soon as well! Have fun fellas!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Preparing for the next couple of Months!

Staff meeting yesterday.....planning our summer schedule. My staff, which consist of Kevin McClain, Darryl Prue, Sam Brand and Keith Goodie, met to discuss the rest of the summer's schedule which will include finishing up next years schedule, recruiting, monitoring the guys in summer school, our summer league team (the Kenner league), getting our video editing equipment serviced, stocking office supplies and preparation for our foreign tour on Labor Day weekend. Our program is growing and we are excited about going on a foreign tour for the first time in the program's history.

We are going to Montreal, Canada for, I think, five games. We get to practice before we leave and that will give our returning guys, our new guys and the guys we had sitting out a chance to get introduced to how we want to play. I've been on foreign tours before and it is not only a great experience for the's a great opportunity to bond as a team. The teams I've had in the past had a chance to work out kinks, experiment with line ups and gain some valuable game and international experience.

Needless to say, we completed the staff meeting, had lunch and shared our thoughts about the NBA finals!

All right! It's on now in the NBA finals.....Boston got the first one but "Two-four" is right there! Paul Pierce pulled a Willis Reed imitation......they better get the next one tho! I watched the game in a downtown B more sports bar with my man Don Hill, the head football coach at Morgan State, after hanging out with the rest of the hoops staff at the Jazz Summer's first Thursday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Wow! Barack Obama is the Democratic Presidential nominee! It is truly a historic day and time.....An African-American presidential candidate! I am thankful and feel blessed to have lived to see this day! I really wish my Pop could have lived to see this day! Man!

It feels really good to have someone with the capabilities to Unite this country! Someone that can bring all races together and who can genuinely relate to the majority of folks. Someone I can relate to, not just because he is a black man, but because he has experienced some of the same things I have and has shared those experiences with the public. Man....the way folks are coming together, more people than ever being involved in energizes you! It gives you HOPE!

He over came the "so called" odds without publicly blinking. I could go on and on about the cat so I am going to simply say......that.....we are not where we want to be, but we damn sure are NOT where we were!

Hey......It's on tomorrow! The NBA finals! Looking forward to a great series!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finals Countdown!! Summer Planning!!

Two days before the NBA Finals start! The wait is tough! I got the Lakers winning it 6! I would like to see a great game 7 in Boston but I don't think "Two-four" will allow that! I'd like to see KG get a ring but I don't think it's going to happen.

On the Morgan State hoops front....on my way back to B-more to take the recruiting test and make our travel schedule for the summer. Some stops are a must but for the most part we will follow teams from the Baltimore & Washington areas. We will attend local summer leagues, camps and jamborees throughout the month of July. The recruiting period for college coaches runs from July 5-31 and camps, tournaments and jamborees will be held in DC, NYC, Orlando and Las Vegas(over 350 teams) to name just a few. The summer circuit is a great way for student-athletes to get exposure and for college coaches to see the student-athletes in large numbers at one time.

So as you can see, July is a very busy month, but I enjoy it because there is some basketball being played almost everyday! Plan your work and Work your plan!

Monday, June 2, 2008

BCA in Atlanta

I was at a retreat a couple of weeks ago and made a promise to some coaching friends that I would start attending the BCA meetings again. So after attending the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando for a couple of days I headed to the ATL for the Black Coaches Associations annual conference. The BCA is for minority Coaches and Administrators from around the country and is headed by Floyd Keith. It needs to have a bigger voice, but we'll deal with that at another time. Again, this time of year, as a coach, you work on professional development and attend different clinics, seminars, etc.

Had a chance to see a couple of friends while in the ATL as well. Atlanta station is a nice spot......a lot going on there. Buckhead has some nice restaurants and downtown has a couple as well. Watched the Boston/Detroit game at the Fox Sports spot with my partner the "General" and what seemed like a thousand folks. Boston vs Los Angeles is going to be a great series! Wish it could start today......when basketball season is's tough.

Thursday night, Two-Four and KG go at it! I might have to get to Boston for one of those games!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Ever Boze Blog

Hey, I have an audio blog that I did during the season, it's is on the Morgan State Bears website, but this is my first post on "Blogging wit Boze".

I am on a trip that has taken me from B more to Orlando to the Atl. Orlando was the site of the 2008 pre-draft camp. The camp was good, it gave me a chance to see and hang out with the GM's, coaches, scouts, college coaches and media folks that i know. I watched the drills and games on the first day, it was good. Some of the young guys competing in the camp don't really understand that they are being evaluated and judged at all times, some of the comments from the NBA folks were that, some guys weren't going hard enough.

Trying to get a gig! Gotta bring it at all times!