Friday, October 31, 2008

Experience is the BEST teacher!

Yesterday's speaker was a gentleman named Joe Branch. He runs an organization called "U Want Game" ( His organization reaches out to student athletes regarding life skills and is a mentoring program. He's a great example for the guys because he is a former division one athlete, who had aspirations to be an NBA player. We all know the percenage is low so it behooves them to prepare for a second career anyway. Joe, who is in his early 30's, played at Northwestern University, has an M.B.A and worked with various NBA franchises, the NBA front office and the sneaker giant NIKE. He a sharp cat, leave it at that. He gave them 13 points to focus on to be successful including networking and appearance. I won't give away all my man's speech but it was good and I think it hit home with the guys.

They had the rest of the day off and we reconvene today for our last practice before our first scrimmage, which is tomorrow at the University of Delaware. We'll take the bus up scrimmage, eat and had back to B-more!

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