Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wake Up Everybody time 2 teach a Nu Way...

You would think that after Barack Obama won the Presidential race, the excitement around campus and the speech I gave them dudes...they would have had extra energy in practice today. NOT! I heard the campus was off the hook last night and I'm sure my guys were in the middle of it. Maybe it's a generational thing cause Cats just aren't as self motivated as they use to be. Whatever you do on your time is fine, just don't let it effect my time. Yeah, I know what you're thinking...but these cats are like this a lot. I try to give them something everyday to help get them going! And I mean Everyday! So you can imagine the energy level you need as a coach to approach practice everyday! Come on...ya'll know I'm down wit my man da nu Pres. but I gotta still learn these cats how to be responsible. I know, stop trippin, it's a blog ya'll...I know the proper lingo is to teach but, learn em hit the point betta.

We still have a couple of projected starters out with injuries. Hopefully they will be back by the first game at LaSalle University on November 15th. In the meantime we'll continue to put work in and attempt to get better everyday. We have a scrimmage at Mount Saint Mary's University Saturday afternoon November 8th. I prefer scrimmages to Exhibition game because you can stop and correct things, really talk to the officials and play extra halves etc.. NCAA rules allow teams to play either two exhibition games, two scrimmages or one of each. Unfortunately, I won't make the scrimmage because I have to attend my Auntie's funeral in Dadeville, Alabama. Coach Mc Clain will handle the duties of coaching the fellas Saturday, he was the first guy I hired and he does a good job wit the guys. I really hope we continue to take more positive steps. Wake Up fellas!!!!

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