Sunday, November 16, 2008

That's Y some folks like to eat at HOME...

Folks always talk about how tough it is to win on the road. I'm not from that school because I always preach that you play the way you play...give us two baskets and a ball and let's throw it up! I've been saying that since I've been coaching and that's what I stress to my teams. The only problem is that you assume that everything else is even. La Salle played well enough to win and that's all you have to do so congrats to them but man...when you don't reach the bonus in a's pretty ridiculous! It's was a tough lost and I didn't think that we played well. We still had a chance to win the game down the stretch and we made enough mistakes of our own. Just because I'm venting to ya'll doesn't mean I expressed it that way to the fellas. I mean we made the same amount of field goals, we made 4 more 3 pointers and had 19 offensive rebounds. They made up the difference at the free throw line. I guess that's why they call it Home Cooking! Aiight, enough of that! We just have to get better! Thanks for the motivation!!

A loss always hurt more for me the next morning. It's like I respect the game, congratulate the opponent and start to focus on the next game, then the next morning I have that hole in my stomach. But it's on to the next opponent. We will watch film today of the La Salle game just to tighten up the mistake that we made, then watch tape of UMBC (our next opponent) then practice for a while. UMBC is a NCAA tournament team and Randy Monroe does a good job with his team so we got our work cut out for us. That's what this thing is all about tho! I love this game! Skins vs Cowgurls tonight ya'll!!! Here's hoping the cook feels at HOME tonight too! :)

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