Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Road LESS Traveled you have got to hear about this day we just had. First, Thanksgiving was cool, we had a great time and I thank God everyday for the blessings he has and continues to give me. I think the fellas really felt as tho they really gave back to the community by assisting Bea Gaddy with their feeding of the homeless at Patterson Park. We practiced afterwards and then went on our separate ways to enjoy Thanksgiving dinners.

This morning we arrive at the BWI airport for what was suppose to be a 11:30 a.m flight only to find out that the company that booked the flights, scheduled the tournament etc. gave us a different flight time a week earlier and changed it without informing the assistant coach who handles travel etc. Well, in the first time ever for me...We missed the flight! Let me state again...I have never missed a flight! There are huge ramifications if we don't make it to Mississippi for the game but we can't focus on that at the moment. We end up on separate flights thru Charlotte then all but 4 were on the same flight from Charlotte to Memphis, where we were scheduled to practice and stay for the night. We all at least arrived safely into Memphis. We checked into the hotel around 7 p.m then headed over to the Forum, where the Memphis Grizzlies play and practice, to practice and go over the University of Mississippi's stuff. Practicing on an NBA floor was probably enough to geek our guys up to get by the fact that we spent all day in airports. Practice lasted an hour and a half and we got them something to eat and now I'm updating da Blog before I shut it down. Yeah...long day ya'll, but da show must go on...and we betta be ready to play! We play at 1 p.m...actually later on today!

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