Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABC....EZ as 1,2,3....I want u bac

Ok...so it Tuesday, July 27th and there is 4 days left in the 2010 summer recruiting. Whew, it's been a long hot month and I'm in sunny Southern California preparing to attend a big hoops tournament in Anaheim. There are teams from all over the country in attendance but I will pay particular interest in the teams from da DMV....that's the new age way folks refer to the D.C, Maryland & Virginia area. I know alot of folks are up on it but lots of different people read da blog. Chill! :)

It's important that we see as many recruits as possible. I try to go into areas where I've had success recruiting and areas where I had success with a player because this is a relationship business and if a kid has graduated or had an opportunity to graduate, then the you've held up your end of the deal that you promised when you were recruiting the youngman. Now, as far as the success on the basketball court....that's a whole nutha deal! Yes i said nutha....and it's a word in this case. :) Basketball success unfortunately is weighted differently. Some folks get it some don't. Some kids are good high school players and aren't good college players. Some peak too soon, others are late bloomers! Some pick the wrong systems to play in, others hit it just right. Some pick a coach that would never work or fit for them and others picks mentors and continue to develop and grow. Folks play the blame game and sometimes....i said sometimes, it's warranted. The parents play an important role, the coach does too but the athletes play a bigger role and have to accept responsibility for it. Wow...how did i get all the way there?

It's 4 days left in the recruiting period and I'm taking a minute to blog while i listen to a Jazzy Jeff mix of Michael Jackson cuts that's off the hook! I never can say goodbye......

Friday, July 23, 2010

There is hot...then...there's....HOT! Vi va Las Vegas

Hot is not a definitive enuff word to describe da Las Vegas heat! Whew!! Anyway, the 1st day here i attended Team USA practice and it was good to connect with the cats that i know from the NBA. There were also alot of college coaches there to observe practice as well. Tons of security so if you didn't have credentials....it was a problem.

It was also good seeing J Kidd (Jason Kidd), he's a consultant with Team USA's team this year. He has always had a great basketball IQ and will make a great coach or GM someday! We were suppose to play golf the next morning but at the last minute we had to cancel. It's funny when i see some the guys i recruited and had/have great relationships with, like Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom. I recruited both of them and became very close to them. It's always good to see those cats! I'm proud of those dudes to see them reach their dreams and goals and become great leaders in the NBA.

As for the high school ballers....Lots of players and talent out here in Vegas! I've watch alot of basketball in the 2 days since the 2nd period started...and more to come. With all the people here it's hard to believe we r n a recession! Somebody is making $$$$$

Hey, ima get wit ya'll later....i need a slurpee! Super size that bad boy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time Out for da Grown Ups

Ok...so let me explain or ur cousins would say bac in da day....let me sssplain. The summer recruiting period has changed drastically over the years. In my previous life as Head Coach at Cal...the entire month of July was available or you were allowed to recruit or be on da road in "Coach speak", but now, You can go out July 6th (can travel the day b 4) until da 15th. The July 15th-21st is a dead period in which coaches can't be on da road evaluated prospects. Just to b clear, you can travel the day b 4 a period begins and da day after a period ends. Thus...i'm on a flight to Las Vegas to observe some 500 to 600 teams and that's not counting the 200 to 300 teams that will be in Orlando starting on Friday evening. Yes, there are tons of teams, players etc. on the circuit. So many sometimes it can be very difficult keeping track. So what most coaches do is follow the local teams from your area and occasionally follow players that you've discovered during a previous camp or tournament. There are also the leads that you get from folks from all walks of life.

Now obvious some schools are selecting while the rest of us recruit. Hey, it's part of the process....can't hate da player...and definitely don't want to hate the game. Aiight...enuff Blogging for tonight. Ima chill for the rest of the flight. Excuse me....can I get a diet coke.....pleaz

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 6....Summer 2010 Recruiting

O.K...its day 6(seems like a month already) of the recruiting period and I'm in D.C or the D.C, Baltimore area checking out local talent before I head to the Peach Jam and Peach State tournaments in GA this week. The JUCO tournament in Tulsa was ok. it's the 3:45 am wake up calls that are killing me. Yes, i have to get up that early to catch the 6 am flights I've been getting on to get to these cities early to start grinding. I'll tell you what's interesting is that the NCAA Enforcement staff is everywhere! They have made a conscious effort to police the summer circuit this year. I think they are wasting their time because the summer circuit is not where the problem is. That's all I'm going to say on the topic for right now.

Let me grab some grub before I head out to check some hoops out. Going to hit the D.C Assault tournament today then get myself ready to travel tomorrow! I know this entry was pretty basic! Chill!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I know, I know...i gotta post more than once every couple of weeks! :) Ima get it together and get on a roll. I'm an Artist...and I'm sensitive about my s+*&! LOL Eryka Badu ya'll.....keep up! Well, it's the 1st day of the 2010 summer recruiting! I'm n my hotel room listenin to da Drake CD and Bloggin! Reflecting on the day...it was interesting. Seen and spoke to alot of my colleagues and it's cool seeing everybody! The summer scene is super busy. All the cell phones burnin up, side meetings, non verbal communication, eye bumpin, body bumpin....basically, it's ALOT! LOL

I watch about 7 or 8 games today and had to retreat to da room for a NAP! Yes a nap! What, a grown man can't take a nap? Well, I did and I do! Now, Im a high energy cat but i have to recharge every once n awhile. Folks that know me aren't buyn it right now but i do slow down and recharge sometimes. Anytee way....the young cats were playn hard today! I mainly watch the teams from the DMV. That's funny cuz i grow up n the D.C area and we didn't say that shyt! lol Whateva...I watch the teams from the area. B more, D.C and VA. It's enuff talent to go around but I will watch, recruit research any player or lead that i get. Basically, I'm getn my GRIND ON! GOTTA LOVE IT!