Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keep it Going!

It's been a busy week so far! We had our team workout Monday afternoon. That's a switch from Tuesday's because I had to participate in the Celebrity Golf Tournament for the Arundel County Boys and Girls Club which i had a good time! Thanks for da Love! I then rushed over 2 da BWI Marriott for an annual Coaches Clinic with some fellow coaches from around the Country led by Al Skinner, Tubby Smith & Frankie Allen. Thanks for sharing OG's! This morning was 6:30 am conditioning, Yoga this afternoon and Doc Walker's Networking event at Lake Presidential this evening! Doc does good stuff and I always support my man!

Getting closer to da start of da season and I'm excited! Did I say I was excited!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump n Yo Bac!

It's Wednesday...hump day...well it's hump day for Morgan State Basketball team too. The fellas view this as hump day b cuz, we condition on Wednesday's and it's a BEAST!

We start after classes and meet n da gym. After meeting n da center circle wit them...they stretch, then run. Today was 13 ladders...they start at 1 and go up. Then go 13 and go down. Afterwards wheelbarrows, leaf frog then Bikram's Yoga! Whew! Yea I's tough but they make it. I'm sitting outside the Yoga class as we rap right now. lol The Yoga is cool. I'm going to start bac taking my class when my bulging disc heals. It's jus about healed so it's comin! I actually like the Yoga! The fellas don't! Hey, they don't realize how much we r helping their bodies for real.

I think we...The Morgan State Basketball staff are going to do a number of different things this year. One, have a coaches clinic in Baltimore for the high school and aau coaches. Both girls and boys. 2ndly, we r going to have a kick off luncheon for the MSU Basketball programs. That would include the Men & da Women. I think it would move the program in another positive direction. And 3rdly, we r in da planning stages for "Late Night" wit Morgan State Basketball. Each year the Mid Night Basketball deal has grown more and more and we plan on continuing it! I can't wait 2 start practice! We talkin bout PRACTICE!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Work it!

Ok...i know i haven't blogged n a min. Alot going on...that's probably a good time blog huh? Well...i sitting n my office after individuals. This is the 4th week, i think, of preseason conditioning and workouts. I've been pleasantly surprised with the returning guys and the new comers as well. This is the first time we've had a number of leadership guys at the same time. It's unique and different. It's cool cuz they are coaching the new guys and r almost creating a situation where i don't have to say much. Now, don't run wild wit that thought cuz i'm going to participate for sure...i'm just sayin! :) Every returning guys has gotten better, which shows that they worked this past summer.

We've added Bikrams Yoga to the workout...that's without taking anything out. The fellas aren't necessarily happy about it but they do put the full effort n2 it. I just thought flexibility would b very important. This is probably the biggest team we've had since we've been here. Big guys aren't the most flexible cats either! Everyone is working hard and the nu guys always struggle alittle at first b we coach mental quickness and it's a lot of information at one time. They typically get it n due time. Some guys don't make transition and u can guess the results.

O.k...i'm outta here! Gon grab some soup and get ready for some FOOTBALL....MNF Baby!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tee it UP & Keep it Straight...

Labor day weekend…. it’s Sunday about noon and I’ve been up since about 8am. Yesterday was a full day. A round of golf with da fellas at Woodmore Country Club, The Morgan State vs Bowie State football game @ Morgan, Then O’s game @ Camden Yards w/ a Morgan Alum, then a Cigar launch @ The Havana Club n B More…great day, great weather, but…it was one of my worst days playin golf n 5 years! Whew! LOL! Awful! But golf is alot like life. You’ll have great days and some not so great days and some tough days.

Golf is a game where most people think that being able to hit the ball really far is the key. Power, force, emotion can all work against you. It’s not a game of prefect and neither is life. Keeping your emotions in tact are very important. U can’t get 2 high and can’t get 2 low. Fundamentals r mucho importante as well. You need to be consistent in your approach, stay positive and stay in your lane. It’s important to play the course and not get caught up in what the other cats on the course are doing.

The players with great short games are the ones that are the most successful…thus the saying, “Drive for show, Putt for Doe”. The little things are very significant! Paying attention to details will go along way but having a short memory is big 2!

Some courses are full of hills; most have bunkers on almost every hole. While some have water on almost every fairway. There are fairways that are surrounded by trees and increase the chance to go out of bounds. Are u guys getting my drift?

I’ll close with a poem called, “The Course of Life” by Ken Brown

Life isn’t always fairways,
Life isn’t always par,
It isn’t always easy,
To go from where you are.

The rough may oft impede you
On the journey toward your goal,
Or an unexpected hazard
Might take a heavy toll.

Keep strong your faith and patience
Mist all life’s ups and downs,
And trust your silent partner
Who guides you thru life’s rounds.

Njoy da weekend and hit em straight!