Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Had Happen Was....

Ok...I know...but you know I had to get that groove back baby! After the last text I got sick, then the holidays hit, my router went bad at home and we we're in a crazy part of the season. The bottom line is I'm back to blogging ya'll!

It's Wednesday and it's the teams day off. We lost a tough game to Hampton Monday night. We controlled the game in the first half going up by as many as 12 or 13. I thought we should have been up by 15 -20 at half but we are still growing as a team. The second half we didn't attack the same way and they hit some shots from the 3. We still had a chance at the end...down 1 and the ball in the hands of 2 of our best low post scorers...hey could've wrote it any betta. The next day we spent time watching tape and trying to teach them how to recognize situation etc. It's a constant learning process. Coaching...gotta love it!

I did appreciate the fact that alot of folks kept asking me about the blog and how come I hadn't been blogging! :) Well I jsut finished watching a movie with my baby's the 2nd snow day in a row for her and I really enjoy spending time with my baby! We watched P.S I Love U. It's a chick movie and I had seen it before but daddy's little gurl wanted to watch it soooo. Great movie tho and bigtime creative!

So before I workout and watch more game film of our next opponent, I wanted to blog! Ok! That's what had happened! No more gaps! :)