Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nobody Makes every shot! So there will always B REBOUNDS!

Last week...Thursday to be exact...After my 6 am Yoga class, I went to my Internship and put some good work N! I gettn more and more comfortable with da radio thang! Well, after some time n the office, catchn up on paperwork, planning summer recruitn and checkn on the fellas that are in summer school I had an appointment to speak with a group of cats from Jericho Re-Entry program.

I remember going thru a real tough time during my dayz out of college coaching...there was alot of tough spots but I always prayed up and stayed positive. Well, I always promised GOD that once I made it thru...I would gladly share my story and be transparent tellin it. I hope the fellas got something out of my story. I condensed it for sake of time and definitely wasn't preachy. Everyone deserves a second chance and some folks even deserve a third chance and maybe even a fourth. C'mon Son....stop tripn, everybody hits a tough spots and how we respond determine your level of success or ability to rebound. LOL I was going to say reboundness but i know that's not a word. LOL I used it anyway huh?

Anyway...good luck fellas! One step at a time...and remember prayer works! I'm a classic example!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

City of Angels Rock 2! No age limit on becoming ONE!

I attended the NBA Finals n L.A on Tuesday and I must say it was hyped in da Staples Center! Yes...i flew out to L.A to attend the game. I didn't get a ticket until Tuesday afternoon but hey...i was there. I was surprised the fans were as hyped as they were. It was exciting and electric in there. The first lady, Michele Obama was n attendance as well. They announced of! Yeah....right! I heard ya'll. The reason I say I was surprised is because when I was coaching at Cal and we played UCLA the crowd was always like an opera crowd. Meaning they sat on their hands, weren't very loud and at times seemed uninterested.

Well that wasn't the case n da Staples Center Tuesday! The Lakers started out with a load of energy and finished that way. It's always interesting to see the drastic swings teams make from one game to the next. It often happens between Home/Road games. Teams normally play with more energy at home but in some cases it'll work the other way. I ran into alot of folks I know in the industry, some i hadn't seen n awhile and that was cool too. There was even a guy who came up to me and said that he was at our NCAA tournament game in Buffalo this year. He attended the game before in Boston and flew to L.A for this game too. Talk about a basketball junkie! In hear you homeboy! I was going to stay in L.A til Friday but...I'm headed back east Thursday morning.

***R.I.P lil Andrea....17 beautiful years young lady! Sorry u left us so early...we'll miss u and we'll see u on the other side angel! U were/are one my baby gurl's favorites!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yoga...Yoga! Yup!

I've taking Bikram Yoga classes lately!'s a beast i must say. I've going once a week and want to get up to twice a week before we hit the road recruiting in July. Just something else to ease the stress, protect da bones & joints and help facilitate weight loss! In case you are not aware of's Yoga (27 positions) in 104 degree temperature. You feel great after you've finished the class and are into the rest of your day! It's actually helped my knee to the point where i was able to go for a run the other day and didn't have any pain afterwards! Yeah boy!!! I really love running and I'm looking forward to getting back to it soon. children decided to join me and they actually completed the entire class! Way to go ya'll!! Let's see if they return for another class! :)