Friday, November 21, 2008

Life's a Box of Chocolates...

Friday morning and there's still some residue from the lost to Man..hat...n the other night! We arrived in Daytona Beach, Florida at 7:45 p.m by bus after flying to Orlando. The flight was jammed packed and I couldn't wait for the plane to stop and my aisle let me stretch my knees. Man...a 6"5" cat squeezed into that window seat. I usually get an aisle seat but upon check in...I discovered that they had assigned my a seat and that was that. Sit down slim and be happy we held the flight up for U! No...I don't ride in First Class...I know that's what you were thinking! :) Since we are on the topic of checking know how you have a funny feeling and kind try to express it and the person you're addressing kind of blows you off? Well, when the cat was checking me in and he tagged my bag he didn't place it on the belt. I was patient but then asked if he would place it on the belt so I could make sure the bag arrived when I did. Well, you know he gave me the..."man this dude is tripping, let me do my job DUDE" type of thing and then put my bag on the belt without looking at me. Yeah, a no look pass type of thing!

You know the rest of the story. My bag didn't come in and would be scheduled to get in at 11 or 12 midnight and then Daytona is an hour and 20 minutes from Orlando PJ's tonight homeboy! So Mama...I couldn't brush my teeth before I went to bed! It wasn't my fault! :)

We checked into the hotel (The Hilton) and went immediately across the street to the Ocean Center (arena where we will play) and had practice. We didn't go long and really just walked through some of our upcoming opponents stuff. Afterwards we had dinner at Bubba Gumps! Bubba's was good! They had the N.F.L playing on one television and the movie Bubba Gump on the others. There was Bubba stuff everywhere. They even come out and played a fill in the blank game of Bubba Gump questions! The whole team participated! It was cool and the food was good too! Our trainer had grilled Mai-Mai with a lemon sauce and said man, this was amazing! Amazing dude? Come on...our table got a big kick out of that. Just like ya'll just did.

Hey, we play Marshall at 2 p.m today in the Glenn Wilkes Classic so thought I would share before shoot-a-round this morning. Run Bubba run!

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