Thursday, November 13, 2008

U Drink Sprite?

Yesterday the speaker was a woman named DeNita Turner. DeNita has a company called Image Builders and Image Builders is a....da...da...da...daw...a image consultant company. She has many corporate clients but her the client most relative to da young bears in the room is the N.B.A. She works for the N.B.A, individual teams and individual players themselves. The league has vested interest in their young stars understanding the big picture and it really makes sense to use her services. I could name names but the individual names of the players are not important. Wish I could say my name was on that list, especially, earlier in my coaching career!

Well she conducted a session that had the guys captivated! She taught us and helped us to really understand a lot about our team and the fellas individually! It was a great session and had plenty class participation. She shared some the names of the guys/companies that she has worked with over the years and the heights each was able to achieve once they understood and accepted reality. Your image is your brand and as a teacher, you get a certain amount of satisfaction when something you've been trying to teach is repeated by other folks in, let's say...a different language. I'm always preaching body language to the fellas and it's importance and hopefully they get now. Thanks DeNita, I really appreciate you sharing your wonderful insight and knowledge with da bears! Hopefully there is a great R.O.I!!! Time will tell...the bus leaves at 11:30 this morning and we have practice at 3 p.m at LaSalle. What time is it!

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