Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is a Day Off, really a Day Off?

Tuesday was the fellas day off. This is the staffs time to catch up on paperwork, double check grade progress, clean up practice plans and gather all tape and info on upcoming opponents. Most of the guys come thru the office anyway. Some guys come through on their way to class, the training room for treatment of injuries or just to stick their heads in to say hello. It's funny because you want to give guys a break or a chance to gather themselves but that day off can be a beast too! The reason I say that is because when you have the guys on a consistent basis, the kind of stay in a flow. They hear your voice, the message, the plays and they develop a routine. When they take that day off, if they aren't mature enough they drift, their people (whoever that is) get in their ears and they break the mental routine. Now, I can hear some of you say, "Man, what is he talkin bout?"

Well, some guys can handle it. Some guys can't. I just want them to be able to stay focused or refocus when it's time to. When you think about this generation of kids, they've got all kind of things to keep them occupied. I don't think they have enough reflection time. Time to think about things that may have occurred or things that could effect them. The young people today have iPods, cell phone (where they r texting at unbelievable speeds), computer games, face book, my space and often times are dealing with serious issues on their owns. Now, when do they have time to reflect properly. Yeah, we deal with an incredible amount of things as adults but these kids...they haven't learned to appreciate patience or hard work and sacrifice. Some obviously have but we're talking about the majority. Some of them have been raised by people who were subjected to this kind of lifestyle and some were or are being raised by folks that are single parents (even some where both parents are there is tough) and doing the best they can to just survive.

There my friends, (No, it ain't John McCain speaking) lies the importance of teachers, coaches, the people that run the Rec, the neighbors (the solid ones) and mentors and respecting their time with our young people. It really does take a village to raise a child! I count on my children's teachers, coaches, instructors, responsible relatives and older friends to set them straight if they venture outside their lanes. Wow, I really went on a tangent huh? Preach, preacha! Sic....jus playing. It's just my opinion from my few years observing folks all the time!

All that cause I'm trying not to give these cats a real day off huh? LOL Damn...I miss prack tiss!!! It keeps me from writing these long a$$ blogs.... :)

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OTM said...

Coach B,

Love the blog and the insight that is rarely captured by any coach at this level.