Monday, November 3, 2008

Enjoy every minute...cause, You never know

We had a good practice yesterday considering we were coming off our first successful scrimmage of the year. Normally, you have to check guys and put them back into their place because they don’t know how to handle success, however small it is. Now, don’t get me wrong, we played well but we still have a lot of work to do but it was a good start. Positive steps are all we want to take right now..

I’m glad we had a good practice at least, cause I got some disturbing news afterward. Everyone knows how close I was to my Dad, who past New Years Day 2006, well the closest person to him outside of my immediate family was my aunt Bernice “Peggy” Hill. Well Saturday didn’t start off well for her and unfortunately it was her last day here. :( Man, I spoke to her a little in the afternoon and…then... Cancer is a beast man and I pray one day that they will find a cure. My father and aunt were so tight growing up, when you saw one you saw the other. She knew more about the dude than anyone else. :(

Hey, she knew that we are going to have a Black President and was ecstatic about too! She told me in August, when I went to Alabama to check on her, that when her and my Dad were growing up, they never thought a black man could be Governor, let alone President. RIP auntie, I love you and will miss you! Muah!!! Tell Pop hey for me and I’ll see you guys on da other side…Damn!

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