Tuesday, November 18, 2008

U can have whatever u like....but I don't cook 4 everybody!

I tell you what, it's Tuesday morning and as I fix my children pancakes and sausage, it feels a helluva lot better after a W. Yeah...I fix hot breakfast almost every morning. I'm like a short order cook some mornings...if my baby girl wants French Toast, then dag nab it...she's going to have French Toast. "She can have whatever she likes...."T.I baby! :)

We were able to execute alittle better last night but we still have a ways to go. I guess that's not all bad because some coaches have a theory that if you are perfect early, it'll be tougher later. We are playing hard and that's a start but we have to execute and have consistency in our effort and focus. It was a good win and a positive step, just gotta keep stepping.

Marquise Kately cramped up alot last night and had to get an I.V before he left the gym. The trainer reminded the fellas to drink plenty of fluids and to definitely eat. Young folks don't always understand that you have to really take care of your body. They eat juke food, skip meals and don't drink enough water. Now, we played at La Salle Saturday, at home last night vs UMBC (Monday), at Manhattan Wednesday and we travel to Daytona Beach, Florida for 3 games in 3 days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). That's a tough stretch and their bodies will be very important and reverent to their ability to produce. We leave at 12 today and will practice at Fordham University this afternoon, have a walk thru at Manhattan Wednesday morning and play at 7 p.m. Somewhere in between there we will eat cause as of 5:30 this mornin...da kitchen is CLOSED! Daddy put you a plate in the refrigerator baby! Don't hate Ya'll...she's a daddy's gurl! :)

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onejazzyman said...

Boze, I just wanted to stay that I enjoy reading your blog...it keeps me laughing sometimes when I may have a rough day. Man, you keep it real (LOL). I just wanted to holla at you and wish you and the Bears an excellent season. I was at a few Morgan games last season and your teams were competitive and well coached. I also saw your teams at Cal when I lived out in the Bay Area. Continue the good work man with the kids. I'm proud of you brother. I've admired how you've stayed steadfast and kept your Spirit on the Lord. May God continue to bless you.