Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out of Mississippi in one piece...

Man, it feels good to be home. That was an interesting trip to say the least. We lost 78-70 to Mississippi today and headed right to the airport to get back home so we can sleep in our own beds for a change. Whew! Although we lost the game, I thought that we took some positive steps in the right direction. We had 25 offensive rebounds, led by 4 at half and were aggressive the entire game. Considering the travel we did the guys had some energy and were excited about playing. We had a stretch in the second half where we had a couple of turnovers in a row and that allowed Ole Miss to come back and take the lead. There were two stretches like that and we could over come it. We got some positive results from some guys and that's what's important. An SEC team on the road and the officiating was as even as you could expect. Don't get me wrong, I hate losing and I think we should have, could have won the game. We will get a good night sleep and practice tomorrow at 12 noon.

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