Friday, October 8, 2010

Each 1 Teach 1....

Good morning! It's da day b 4 the Morgan State Basketball Clinic! We are scheduled to conduct a basketball coaches clinic at Hill Fieldhouse Saturday, October 9, 2010 from 10am-5pm. Looking forward to seeing as many coaches as we can! We have a great line up with Hanif Hill, Milan Brown, Head Coach at Holy Cross, Bruiser Flint, Head Coach, Kurtis Townsend, Assistant Coach, Kansas University, Troy Weaver, Asst. GM, Oklahoma City Thunder, Pat Clatchy, Head Coach, Mt. Saint Joseph's High School and yours truely....T Boze, Head Coach, Morgan State.

Gotta get sum sleep 2 b ready! It's our 1st one...we wanted 2 established the program 1st then expand n2 other areas. A 2010-11 Tip Off Banquet is n da planning stages! Tryn 2 continue 2 grow Da Bears program!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just got back from the MEAC Head Coaches meeting is Winston Salem, NC. It's always good to see my fellow colleagues every October. It's always the definite indicator that the season is about to start! I'm excited about the upcoming season and ALWAYS love practice! We talkin bout Practice...yes!

The MEAC Coaches and S.I.D's voted Morgan #1 in the Pre-Season Poll for the 3rd straight season. We welcome the acknowledgment. It's a sign of respect for the hard work that the players and assistant coaches have put in. Kevin Thompson was voted Pre-Season Player of the Year. Good for Kev but I'd still like to see him expand his game. I'd like to see him play to his potential every night. He is really talented and has a high basketball IQ so I'd like to see the young brotha maximize his potential!

Congrats to "Big Baby" tho! That's the nickname he's had since high school. He doesn't like it but it's my Blog! LOL! I've called him!

Well, next week it's on baby!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keep it Going!

It's been a busy week so far! We had our team workout Monday afternoon. That's a switch from Tuesday's because I had to participate in the Celebrity Golf Tournament for the Arundel County Boys and Girls Club which i had a good time! Thanks for da Love! I then rushed over 2 da BWI Marriott for an annual Coaches Clinic with some fellow coaches from around the Country led by Al Skinner, Tubby Smith & Frankie Allen. Thanks for sharing OG's! This morning was 6:30 am conditioning, Yoga this afternoon and Doc Walker's Networking event at Lake Presidential this evening! Doc does good stuff and I always support my man!

Getting closer to da start of da season and I'm excited! Did I say I was excited!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump n Yo Bac!

It's Wednesday...hump day...well it's hump day for Morgan State Basketball team too. The fellas view this as hump day b cuz, we condition on Wednesday's and it's a BEAST!

We start after classes and meet n da gym. After meeting n da center circle wit them...they stretch, then run. Today was 13 ladders...they start at 1 and go up. Then go 13 and go down. Afterwards wheelbarrows, leaf frog then Bikram's Yoga! Whew! Yea I's tough but they make it. I'm sitting outside the Yoga class as we rap right now. lol The Yoga is cool. I'm going to start bac taking my class when my bulging disc heals. It's jus about healed so it's comin! I actually like the Yoga! The fellas don't! Hey, they don't realize how much we r helping their bodies for real.

I think we...The Morgan State Basketball staff are going to do a number of different things this year. One, have a coaches clinic in Baltimore for the high school and aau coaches. Both girls and boys. 2ndly, we r going to have a kick off luncheon for the MSU Basketball programs. That would include the Men & da Women. I think it would move the program in another positive direction. And 3rdly, we r in da planning stages for "Late Night" wit Morgan State Basketball. Each year the Mid Night Basketball deal has grown more and more and we plan on continuing it! I can't wait 2 start practice! We talkin bout PRACTICE!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Work it!

Ok...i know i haven't blogged n a min. Alot going on...that's probably a good time blog huh? Well...i sitting n my office after individuals. This is the 4th week, i think, of preseason conditioning and workouts. I've been pleasantly surprised with the returning guys and the new comers as well. This is the first time we've had a number of leadership guys at the same time. It's unique and different. It's cool cuz they are coaching the new guys and r almost creating a situation where i don't have to say much. Now, don't run wild wit that thought cuz i'm going to participate for sure...i'm just sayin! :) Every returning guys has gotten better, which shows that they worked this past summer.

We've added Bikrams Yoga to the workout...that's without taking anything out. The fellas aren't necessarily happy about it but they do put the full effort n2 it. I just thought flexibility would b very important. This is probably the biggest team we've had since we've been here. Big guys aren't the most flexible cats either! Everyone is working hard and the nu guys always struggle alittle at first b we coach mental quickness and it's a lot of information at one time. They typically get it n due time. Some guys don't make transition and u can guess the results.

O.k...i'm outta here! Gon grab some soup and get ready for some FOOTBALL....MNF Baby!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tee it UP & Keep it Straight...

Labor day weekend…. it’s Sunday about noon and I’ve been up since about 8am. Yesterday was a full day. A round of golf with da fellas at Woodmore Country Club, The Morgan State vs Bowie State football game @ Morgan, Then O’s game @ Camden Yards w/ a Morgan Alum, then a Cigar launch @ The Havana Club n B More…great day, great weather, but…it was one of my worst days playin golf n 5 years! Whew! LOL! Awful! But golf is alot like life. You’ll have great days and some not so great days and some tough days.

Golf is a game where most people think that being able to hit the ball really far is the key. Power, force, emotion can all work against you. It’s not a game of prefect and neither is life. Keeping your emotions in tact are very important. U can’t get 2 high and can’t get 2 low. Fundamentals r mucho importante as well. You need to be consistent in your approach, stay positive and stay in your lane. It’s important to play the course and not get caught up in what the other cats on the course are doing.

The players with great short games are the ones that are the most successful…thus the saying, “Drive for show, Putt for Doe”. The little things are very significant! Paying attention to details will go along way but having a short memory is big 2!

Some courses are full of hills; most have bunkers on almost every hole. While some have water on almost every fairway. There are fairways that are surrounded by trees and increase the chance to go out of bounds. Are u guys getting my drift?

I’ll close with a poem called, “The Course of Life” by Ken Brown

Life isn’t always fairways,
Life isn’t always par,
It isn’t always easy,
To go from where you are.

The rough may oft impede you
On the journey toward your goal,
Or an unexpected hazard
Might take a heavy toll.

Keep strong your faith and patience
Mist all life’s ups and downs,
And trust your silent partner
Who guides you thru life’s rounds.

Njoy da weekend and hit em straight!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Warming up baby!

As i sit here with the latest episode of Entourage playin n the back ground...i'm also thinkin of the comin season. As i always do, i'm starting to get into basketball mode. That means an unbelievable focus and middle of the night thoughts of how we can get better. Each year, each season brings something different and you have to find out which pieces or parts or players will be key. It's not always the obvious ones that are there for the naked eye to see. Those intangible guys that play a huge part in successful teams seasons. LOL...i love it! Let's get it N baby! Man...what is Vincent Chase doing? Turtle...handle ur business playa!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

&%$#! Cancer! The troops r everywhere! WE GON BEAT it!

In Cali...attended the Harold Pump Foundation dinner the other night. It was a bigtime event and I'm proud of the Pumps! There's a lot said about those red head twins but when it comes to what they are doing for cancer....u can't deny the positive impact they are having! I can really relate to the devastation and loss that cancer can bring. Losing my Pop was the toughest thing that I've had to deal with EVER! They raise a lot of money and get all the celebrities to come out. It was funny cause i wanted stop Serena and ask for a picture. I didn't freeze up so don't trip! Brotha wasn't scared....are u kiddin me! Just was trying to respect her privacy, that's all. But DAMN! Later for her privacy next time! :)

I just got a call from Anthony Anderson this mornin too! Big Fella....that's what we call him. He called to inform me that he was officially Cancer Free! WOW! How bout that! God is Good! Keep praying ya'll! Prayer works 4 sho! Cancer took a big hit this weekend!! Yea BOY!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABC....EZ as 1,2,3....I want u bac it Tuesday, July 27th and there is 4 days left in the 2010 summer recruiting. Whew, it's been a long hot month and I'm in sunny Southern California preparing to attend a big hoops tournament in Anaheim. There are teams from all over the country in attendance but I will pay particular interest in the teams from da DMV....that's the new age way folks refer to the D.C, Maryland & Virginia area. I know alot of folks are up on it but lots of different people read da blog. Chill! :)

It's important that we see as many recruits as possible. I try to go into areas where I've had success recruiting and areas where I had success with a player because this is a relationship business and if a kid has graduated or had an opportunity to graduate, then the you've held up your end of the deal that you promised when you were recruiting the youngman. Now, as far as the success on the basketball court....that's a whole nutha deal! Yes i said nutha....and it's a word in this case. :) Basketball success unfortunately is weighted differently. Some folks get it some don't. Some kids are good high school players and aren't good college players. Some peak too soon, others are late bloomers! Some pick the wrong systems to play in, others hit it just right. Some pick a coach that would never work or fit for them and others picks mentors and continue to develop and grow. Folks play the blame game and sometimes....i said sometimes, it's warranted. The parents play an important role, the coach does too but the athletes play a bigger role and have to accept responsibility for it. did i get all the way there?

It's 4 days left in the recruiting period and I'm taking a minute to blog while i listen to a Jazzy Jeff mix of Michael Jackson cuts that's off the hook! I never can say goodbye......

Friday, July 23, 2010

There is hot...then...there's....HOT! Vi va Las Vegas

Hot is not a definitive enuff word to describe da Las Vegas heat! Whew!! Anyway, the 1st day here i attended Team USA practice and it was good to connect with the cats that i know from the NBA. There were also alot of college coaches there to observe practice as well. Tons of security so if you didn't have was a problem.

It was also good seeing J Kidd (Jason Kidd), he's a consultant with Team USA's team this year. He has always had a great basketball IQ and will make a great coach or GM someday! We were suppose to play golf the next morning but at the last minute we had to cancel. It's funny when i see some the guys i recruited and had/have great relationships with, like Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom. I recruited both of them and became very close to them. It's always good to see those cats! I'm proud of those dudes to see them reach their dreams and goals and become great leaders in the NBA.

As for the high school ballers....Lots of players and talent out here in Vegas! I've watch alot of basketball in the 2 days since the 2nd period started...and more to come. With all the people here it's hard to believe we r n a recession! Somebody is making $$$$$

Hey, ima get wit ya'll later....i need a slurpee! Super size that bad boy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time Out for da Grown Ups let me explain or ur cousins would say bac in da day....let me sssplain. The summer recruiting period has changed drastically over the years. In my previous life as Head Coach at Cal...the entire month of July was available or you were allowed to recruit or be on da road in "Coach speak", but now, You can go out July 6th (can travel the day b 4) until da 15th. The July 15th-21st is a dead period in which coaches can't be on da road evaluated prospects. Just to b clear, you can travel the day b 4 a period begins and da day after a period ends. Thus...i'm on a flight to Las Vegas to observe some 500 to 600 teams and that's not counting the 200 to 300 teams that will be in Orlando starting on Friday evening. Yes, there are tons of teams, players etc. on the circuit. So many sometimes it can be very difficult keeping track. So what most coaches do is follow the local teams from your area and occasionally follow players that you've discovered during a previous camp or tournament. There are also the leads that you get from folks from all walks of life.

Now obvious some schools are selecting while the rest of us recruit. Hey, it's part of the process....can't hate da player...and definitely don't want to hate the game. Aiight...enuff Blogging for tonight. Ima chill for the rest of the flight. Excuse me....can I get a diet coke.....pleaz

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 6....Summer 2010 Recruiting

O.K...its day 6(seems like a month already) of the recruiting period and I'm in D.C or the D.C, Baltimore area checking out local talent before I head to the Peach Jam and Peach State tournaments in GA this week. The JUCO tournament in Tulsa was ok. it's the 3:45 am wake up calls that are killing me. Yes, i have to get up that early to catch the 6 am flights I've been getting on to get to these cities early to start grinding. I'll tell you what's interesting is that the NCAA Enforcement staff is everywhere! They have made a conscious effort to police the summer circuit this year. I think they are wasting their time because the summer circuit is not where the problem is. That's all I'm going to say on the topic for right now.

Let me grab some grub before I head out to check some hoops out. Going to hit the D.C Assault tournament today then get myself ready to travel tomorrow! I know this entry was pretty basic! Chill!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I know, I know...i gotta post more than once every couple of weeks! :) Ima get it together and get on a roll. I'm an Artist...and I'm sensitive about my s+*&! LOL Eryka Badu ya'll.....keep up! Well, it's the 1st day of the 2010 summer recruiting! I'm n my hotel room listenin to da Drake CD and Bloggin! Reflecting on the was interesting. Seen and spoke to alot of my colleagues and it's cool seeing everybody! The summer scene is super busy. All the cell phones burnin up, side meetings, non verbal communication, eye bumpin, body bumpin....basically, it's ALOT! LOL

I watch about 7 or 8 games today and had to retreat to da room for a NAP! Yes a nap! What, a grown man can't take a nap? Well, I did and I do! Now, Im a high energy cat but i have to recharge every once n awhile. Folks that know me aren't buyn it right now but i do slow down and recharge sometimes. Anytee way....the young cats were playn hard today! I mainly watch the teams from the DMV. That's funny cuz i grow up n the D.C area and we didn't say that shyt! lol Whateva...I watch the teams from the area. B more, D.C and VA. It's enuff talent to go around but I will watch, recruit research any player or lead that i get. Basically, I'm getn my GRIND ON! GOTTA LOVE IT!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nobody Makes every shot! So there will always B REBOUNDS!

Last week...Thursday to be exact...After my 6 am Yoga class, I went to my Internship and put some good work N! I gettn more and more comfortable with da radio thang! Well, after some time n the office, catchn up on paperwork, planning summer recruitn and checkn on the fellas that are in summer school I had an appointment to speak with a group of cats from Jericho Re-Entry program.

I remember going thru a real tough time during my dayz out of college coaching...there was alot of tough spots but I always prayed up and stayed positive. Well, I always promised GOD that once I made it thru...I would gladly share my story and be transparent tellin it. I hope the fellas got something out of my story. I condensed it for sake of time and definitely wasn't preachy. Everyone deserves a second chance and some folks even deserve a third chance and maybe even a fourth. C'mon Son....stop tripn, everybody hits a tough spots and how we respond determine your level of success or ability to rebound. LOL I was going to say reboundness but i know that's not a word. LOL I used it anyway huh?

Anyway...good luck fellas! One step at a time...and remember prayer works! I'm a classic example!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

City of Angels Rock 2! No age limit on becoming ONE!

I attended the NBA Finals n L.A on Tuesday and I must say it was hyped in da Staples Center! Yes...i flew out to L.A to attend the game. I didn't get a ticket until Tuesday afternoon but hey...i was there. I was surprised the fans were as hyped as they were. It was exciting and electric in there. The first lady, Michele Obama was n attendance as well. They announced of! Yeah....right! I heard ya'll. The reason I say I was surprised is because when I was coaching at Cal and we played UCLA the crowd was always like an opera crowd. Meaning they sat on their hands, weren't very loud and at times seemed uninterested.

Well that wasn't the case n da Staples Center Tuesday! The Lakers started out with a load of energy and finished that way. It's always interesting to see the drastic swings teams make from one game to the next. It often happens between Home/Road games. Teams normally play with more energy at home but in some cases it'll work the other way. I ran into alot of folks I know in the industry, some i hadn't seen n awhile and that was cool too. There was even a guy who came up to me and said that he was at our NCAA tournament game in Buffalo this year. He attended the game before in Boston and flew to L.A for this game too. Talk about a basketball junkie! In hear you homeboy! I was going to stay in L.A til Friday but...I'm headed back east Thursday morning.

***R.I.P lil Andrea....17 beautiful years young lady! Sorry u left us so early...we'll miss u and we'll see u on the other side angel! U were/are one my baby gurl's favorites!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yoga...Yoga! Yup!

I've taking Bikram Yoga classes lately!'s a beast i must say. I've going once a week and want to get up to twice a week before we hit the road recruiting in July. Just something else to ease the stress, protect da bones & joints and help facilitate weight loss! In case you are not aware of's Yoga (27 positions) in 104 degree temperature. You feel great after you've finished the class and are into the rest of your day! It's actually helped my knee to the point where i was able to go for a run the other day and didn't have any pain afterwards! Yeah boy!!! I really love running and I'm looking forward to getting back to it soon. children decided to join me and they actually completed the entire class! Way to go ya'll!! Let's see if they return for another class! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Returning from a 30 second timeout

Ok....that was a looong break. I understand! lol But I'm back on the blogging trail now. :) It's been 4 years now and I'm entering my 5th year (with 4 years left on my new contract) as the Head Coach at Morgan State. Every year that I've been here the talk is whether I will be back as coach, how long will i be here and i won't be here that much longer. Well, who knows what tomorrow will bring but I can only deal with today and each day after that. I love coaching, i love teaching, mentoring and watching young people mature and reach their dreams and goals. I know....ur going to say i didn't answer any of those questions....yes i did! Read it again. lol