Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Time is IT???

We arrived at our hotel yesterday around 2 p.m and had a chance to chill before our 20 minute ride to practice. Teams generally practice at the game site the night or day before the game. Now, it doesn't always happen, sometimes because of scheduling conflicts etc. the floor is not available but for the most part, teams get the opportunity to practice on the game floor. Mostly everyone is afforded an opportunity for a shoot-a-round. Shoot-a-rounds are usually 5 to 6 hours before the game and teams use it to walk through the opponents scouting report. In our case the shoot around would mean, we'd have to shoot around at 8 a.m and we just think it more important in this particular case for the fellas to get the sleep. We will have pre-game meal 4 hours before the game and then have the guys get taped and be on the bus in time for us to get to the gym/arena an hour and a half before game time. In this case, because we didn't use the shoot-a-round time we will get to the gym/arena 2 hours before so the fellas can have some extra warm up time.

After practice, we headed back to the hotel to shower and go to dinner. After dinner we watched film and went over the scouting report. This is the toughest the anticipation starts to really dig atchu! The time before the game ALWAYS gets me! Not the nervousness, just the AN...TI...CI...PA...TION of wanting to play! I would just as soon jump it up at that moment!

After watching some more tape last night, checking on my family and rapping to my cousin and a buddy of mine, I turned on "KEM" on my iPod (the lil portable stand joint) and hit dream land hard. Now I'm up at 5:30 a.m to shave, workout, relax and get my mind right. would think I'm playing huh? It's the same routine for 30 some odd games baby! Gotta LOVE it! We play at 2....

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