Monday, August 30, 2010

Warming up baby!

As i sit here with the latest episode of Entourage playin n the back ground...i'm also thinkin of the comin season. As i always do, i'm starting to get into basketball mode. That means an unbelievable focus and middle of the night thoughts of how we can get better. Each year, each season brings something different and you have to find out which pieces or parts or players will be key. It's not always the obvious ones that are there for the naked eye to see. Those intangible guys that play a huge part in successful teams seasons. LOL...i love it! Let's get it N baby! Man...what is Vincent Chase doing? Turtle...handle ur business playa!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

&%$#! Cancer! The troops r everywhere! WE GON BEAT it!

In Cali...attended the Harold Pump Foundation dinner the other night. It was a bigtime event and I'm proud of the Pumps! There's a lot said about those red head twins but when it comes to what they are doing for cancer....u can't deny the positive impact they are having! I can really relate to the devastation and loss that cancer can bring. Losing my Pop was the toughest thing that I've had to deal with EVER! They raise a lot of money and get all the celebrities to come out. It was funny cause i wanted stop Serena and ask for a picture. I didn't freeze up so don't trip! Brotha wasn't scared....are u kiddin me! Just was trying to respect her privacy, that's all. But DAMN! Later for her privacy next time! :)

I just got a call from Anthony Anderson this mornin too! Big Fella....that's what we call him. He called to inform me that he was officially Cancer Free! WOW! How bout that! God is Good! Keep praying ya'll! Prayer works 4 sho! Cancer took a big hit this weekend!! Yea BOY!