Monday, November 24, 2008

Classic N ding

Monday afternoon on the Morgan State campus and I'm about to call it a day...on campus anyway. I have tape to watch and evaluate for the next week. We lost our last game of the Glenn Wilkes Classic in Daytona Beach to Wisconsin-Green Bay yesterday morning and flew home last night. We were down 2 at half and still didn't shoot well from the field and we once again put the opponent on the free throw line too much. We are going to have to do a better job defending without fouling. We play one more game in the Glenn Wilkes Classic on Saturday November, 29th at the University of Mississippi (I still sing that spelling whenever I write it. lol). It is an exempt tournament and it only counts as one game for the NCAA allowable games but obviously counts as 4 games on your schedule and record. We will continue to work and get better. There were some positives during the tournament and we have to build on that. Playing on the road out of conference is also a beast.

The fellas have today off and we'll get back in the gym tomorrow after the guys lift. We will practice Wednesday and Thursday morning then participate in a Thanksgiving dinner deal for the homeless, like we've done for the past two years and then fly to Memphis on Friday. We have to fly to Memphis to get to Oxford, Miss where we will practice on their floor, play Saturday at 1 p.m and return back to Baltimore Saturday night. That will complete our participation in the Glenn Wilkes Classic.

Only thing good about Sunday was that we arrived home safely and that the Redskins won! Gotta find something positive baby!

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