Sunday, November 9, 2008

Da Day After....

Well, the scrimmage at Mount St Mary's didn't go our way. I got the report from the coaches while on my drive to the Atlanta airport. Seems the fellas relaxed alittle...that youth thing ya'll. We are always trying to teach em how to prepare to compete before you compete. Hey, I'm just glad we were able to get some bump in before our first official game on Nov. 15th at LaSalle.

Some of the stats they texted to me were, "we were 9-21 from the free throw line, they were 22-30. we had 21 turnovers and 9 assists, they had 20 turnovers and 12 assist and Marquise Kately scored 1 point." Wow! The little things are always muy importante! We will really focus on free throw shooting this week in practice and start going over the scouting report of LaSalle around Thursday. Today's practice was one of those that you just want to get thru. The guys were a little tried but they really needed to fight thru this one. I recommended ice baths for a couple of guys to bring their legs back faster. It's time to grind it out to get er done! The day after is always tough but I like going the next day while things are still fresh in the guys minds. I'll watch the tape sometime this evening and sit down with the point guards tomorrow to discuss the game in further details. We'll watch the tape as a group later in the week but I feel it's important to help the point guards understand where I'm coming from and that can only happen with extra sessions. Man...let me get a bite to eat so I can dive into this game. Hell, I got time...the Redskins don't play this week. For real they have a bye next week too! Ya'll get it later.... :)

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