Friday, March 6, 2009

Da Regular Season Ends Da Tourney B Gins!

I tell you what....there is nothing like a packed arena, gym, play ground or court during a basketball game! If that doesn't get your juices flowing you need a transplant! Well all that to say that our game at Coppin State last night was a great college basketball atmosphere! The place was packed, the band was jammin and the hecklers were in full force. As i was walking in the game, i didn't come over with the team, i was standing behind some fans who were ripping da bears up and saying that "yeah they beat us last year but we got them in the tournament"...yeah...i was right there but i didn't say anything and they didn't know who i was either. Funny huh? So needless to say I'm walking into the locker room grabbing my side from that body blow i got comin in. Jump ball baby! C'on...i hate the time before the game! That waitin around kills me...i wish we could walk into the arena and jump it up right off da muscle! That's a B more term ya'll chill wit the confused look! :) lol

It was a good game and we shot the blood out the ball in the first half. 51% from the field, 55% from the 3 pt line and 85% from the ft line! Then why were we only up 8? B.....cause we turned the ball over 10 times and that got lay ups on almost ever one of em. I was upset at half disrespect intended but if you shoot the ball like that you should be participating in a game with a different score. We did manage to play well enough in the second half to win the last men's basketball game ever played at the Coppin Center. They will open a new arena next year and ironically we will be their first opponent on that court as well.

It was a good win for the program...we finished the regular season 13-3 and an overall record of 20-11. Back to back regular season champs, #1 seed and back to back 20 win seasons. Now gotta get right for the conference tournament...ima give them off today, refresh myself, attend some high school games, run some errands, workout and chill! Packed dayz always...but you gotta luv it's March Madness! Best time of the year! Hey...turn those lights out! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Da Morgan Big Three!

Senior night is always tough when you've developed, built, banged heads, nurtured, groomed, taught and learned a group of young folks. Senior night represents the last time the group of present senior will put on the home uniforms in front of the home crowd! They are greeted at center court...often times with their loved ones and sometimes in the case at "The Hill" (yeah I'm calling it that) on Saturday the whole team! Our seniors, Rogers Barnes, Jermaine "Itchy" Bolden and Marquise Kately are all unique, they all took different paths to Morgan and play a significant role on this year's squad. Rog is the energizer cat! He is always at full speed (not always for the positive :)...that's just for him if he's reading this) and joined the program as a walk-on before I arrived. He has always remained humble. When I first arrived at Morgan I had him try out all over again and from day one he has been 110%. He's a starter and a major reason why Da Bears are the #1 seed going into the MEAC tournament.

Itchy, is the bus driver! He really is the one that puts da "GO" in "Go Bears!" (I thought that was pretty cool ya'll...stop trippin) If he played at full speed...Wow...would he be off the charts (that again, is my version of a subliminal Itchy came to Morgan from South Plains Community College via Douglas High School in West B-more! He is the most popular recruit that we've since we arrived on campus. When we announced that we signed Itchy Bolden...Whew! That's all I heard from folks when I went around town. He's won everywhere he's played and to his credit...he's adjusted his game to become a true Point Guard! He was a scorer in a PG's body and the coach at South Plains started him on the right path in terms of being a true PG (his high school coach had him do what he needed him to do and that was win ball games! State Title while at Douglas!). In AAU and high school hoops one can get away with being a 5-9 scorer but as you move up you have to adjust alittle which he did. He wasn't always reading from the same page I was but by the 5th or 6th game this year he made the switch. Last year Jerrell Greene ran the show so there was no pressure. Thanks Itchy for buying in! And driving da bus...that's without a CDL and telephone books to see over the dash! lol Lighten up's just a joke! Or suppose to be anyway!

Quise is the ultimate team mate! He takes alot off his team mates and really cover for them on defense like you wouldn't believe! If they could help him remember more plays he could help them more on offense. Oops thinkin out loud bad! :) Na...we really try to run everything thru Quise and he can definitely handle it! He came to Morgan as a transfer from Cal. Yes that Cal! How many Cal's do you know of...:) He was a freshman starter and made the Pac-10 all rookie team but things didn't work out for him in da Bay and he came East (he actually attended Prep school back east as well) to play for a coach that things didn't work out for at Cal. Last year when we were playing at Saint Francis of PA...our offense was struggling a little like the year before and went to him 3 straight times and he delivered! Jerrell and I looked at each other at the same time and smiled...yeah boy! We got a go to cat out! We won the game and from that point on the teams confidence grew. He has been a lot of fun to coach and is our best player because of his basketball IQ and abilities! He is truly a great team mate too!

Aiight ya'll that's our version of da big three! They closed out their regular season home schedule with a "W" which brings their two year record in "Da Hill" to 22-2. i know it was different earlier...stop being petty! :) You guys also put up 2 banners for Back to back regular season championships!

Thanks fellas for your commitment, dedication, hard work, sacrifice, staying da course and puttin up wit Boze! Lord knows dat ain't EZ! :)