Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another One Bites Da Dust! But....Today was a GOOD day!

Today was a good day! Every time I say that, it reminds me of Ice Cube’s song “It Was A Good Day.” “I gotta go cuz I got me a drop top…and if hit switch, I can make the….drop”, the old school cats know what I’m talking bout! I say it was a good day because my cousin got married today. My mother, brother, sister-in-law and I drove to Richmond, VA to see my man and his bride jump the broom. I drove by myself because I had to drop my son Blake, off at his high school basketball workouts first and I didn’t want to hold up the rest of the crew.

Anyway, it was a nice wedding and it was really good to see all of my aunts, uncles and cousins on a happy occasion. To often families only get to see one another on not so happy occasions. You know what I mean…man, do I have to spell out everything? :) Congrats cuz! Or cousins now huh! She was the happiest bride I’d ever seen! When the pastor asked if she would take cuz to be her husband…she shouted, YES! There was laughter in the church as all the fellas interpreted that to mean a beginning to the end of Sunday afternoons of watching NFL. The women laughed as if to say, “Another one of us gains control of a household.” lol "Hooked it up for later… as I hit the Doe....thinking will I live...another Twenty-FOE!” Yes, but without the Remote!:)

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