Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Show MUST go On! A little rain ain't gonna hurt Nobody!

Rain or Shine...the show must go on! Homecoming was cool it just was WET! Man, it rained hard on and off all day! The officials started the game with those little...too small shirts and at half time they changed into the long sleeve joints. The cheerleaders were soak-n-wet too! They didn't stop cheering tho! I was on the field of course...I'm the "Get Back Coach", the Head "Get Back Coach"! I tell everybody to "get back" when ever someone gets to close to the field. :) Listen, don't hate...everybody doesn't have the skills to handle that position.

Well we had practice first. We had officials at practice today. We had them there so the guys could get use to the calls (fouls, traveling, etc.). Practice ended up better than the day before and some of the guys play better with the officials present. You should see the way they foul each other and look at us when we call fouls. We will have the officials at practice on a regular bases now as we get closer to the season opener.

Anyway, I had my rain suit on and my boots so I wouldn't get wet. The wind was blowing crazy and I sure there would have been a ton more people at the game had it not rained. Well da Bears won 20-3 over Delaware State! It was really good to see the football squad play so well. I know the Alumni were happy. Not happy enough to donate more money, mo money to the athletic program. Man, if everyone really focused on donating something to the schools' athletic program they would be surprised what levels of success could be reached. Congratulations Bears! Go get that title!

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