Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Plan your work and Work your plan! U r what U eat too!

Tuesday afternoon in Northeast B More. It's pretty cold today as everyone pumps up their heaters in the offices. I just finished lunch. I've packing my lunch lately...turkey and cheese, sometimes tuna but always on wheat. I keep gatorades, diet coke and H2O in my fridge so I'm good wit the drinks.

I'll start planning our practice for the day around 2:30 or so. I had a couple of meeting with a couple of the guys and watched a little tape of our first opponent scheduled for Nov. 15th. When thinking about practice, I try to incorporate fundamental work and the schemes that we want to run during the season. It's a challenge for every coach because you only get 2 hours or so a day and have to give your team a day off each week per NCAA rules. It's just a lot to cover but that's the beauty of it too. I'm trying to find a group that can play together and get some continuity. I think I've found the perimeter group and a Big, so we gotta keep the pedal to medal!

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GGG said...


Sabah and I just caught up on the last week of blogs. You are a very funny and entertaining dude. Good luck this season and we'll see you when you come to NC.

Much love and may the FAVOR of God always be with you,