Friday, October 17, 2008

Count your Blessings! Wait...Can u count?

It's Friday Baby! We can start official practice today! Let's get it ON! I'm ready and excited! I've been listening to and singing Norman Hutchins' "God's Got a Blessing...wit your name on it!" all morning and I'm pumped! Wit my name on IT!

We will actually start our practice at 5 p.m. but start the Midnight Madness celebration at 9 p.m.. We will also have a ring ceremony for the rings the fellas earned last year for winning the MEAC regular season championship! Wit their names on IT! Stay wit me ya'll. It's the first regular season title in the school's history. All the guys will be there except for Boubacar. He's playing somewhere and couldn't get back. This day is the start of the quest that every Division 1 program has of reaching the NCAA tournament and winning a National Championship. And as I told my guys yesterday...a dream without commitment is a fantasy!

And if you don't have dreams, what is fueling you everyday! Wit your name IT! I'm living one of my dreams everyday...Coaching college basketball and making positive deposits in people's lives (my children, my family, friends, players, staff, colleagues, etc)!

Sometimes we get caught up with the little things in life and as my grandfather use to say when someone would ask him how he's doing..."If you check the obituary column and you aren't in's a great day!" Look at every tough task, situation or challenge as a blessing. Trouble and trials come to make you strong! It's your homework and you're practicing for the big Game! God doesn't put more on you than you can handle! Who is the weather man to tell me it's going to be an ugly day cause it's raining? It's just raining homeboy! Wit your name It! I'm baaaaack! Thank You Jesus! Prayer Works!

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