Sunday, October 19, 2008

The HOME team! Is COMING around!

Washington Redskins 5-2....dallas cowgurls 4-3. Just wanted to set the record straight cause all I heard last week was that we had the same records. All the dallas fans talking bout how banged up they are etc...I'm not trying to hear ANY of that bull! No sympathy or symphony here busters!

After our practice this morning, I tried to get some rest. Kind of napped until da Skins came on. They gave us a scare but pulled it out. The squad is coming around, with 9 new guys it's going to take some time before they really gel. We will practice Mon.-Thurs. this week and give them Friday off. Our Homecoming is this week so we won't have our gym from Wednesday on and the NCAA rules mandate that you give the team one day off each week. It'll be crazy around campus this week, as all the alumni come home to celebrate and reconnect. Safe travels to everyone and we'll see you when you get here!

How bout them Skins!

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