Thursday, October 23, 2008

You don't have to Sing to show off your Bling!

We had a speaker today. Yeah, ya''s Thursday! Hey, you guys have to keep up. :) Peter Harvey (Attorney at Law, former State's Attorney for the state of New Jersey), spoke to the fellas today. It went really well and a couple of the guys asked for his card afterward to discuss career paths. Peter is a Morgan Alum and I really appreciate him taking the time to share his story and views with us.

I taped a pilot for my T.V show today too. I thought it went well and during the taping Marquise Kately and Gene Johnson happened to be coming from class. Hey, it wasn't a set up...those cats were actually coming from class. :) Just kidding, but it gave us a chance to interview those guys and hear their views on the direction of the program. Mark Gray (Co Host of the show) asked if Gene was on the squad last year and my man "Jug" just casually held up his hand to flash his Championship ring. It was classic! We laughed and wished we had it on tape but we didn't get it and didn't want to attempt to recreate it. The fellas handled themselves well and continued to enjoy the rest of the day off. The show started at Hurt gym (the old gym where Marvin Webster played), we walked by the brand new library (it's a beautiful building), the new student union and ended the show in Hill Field House in front of the trophy case.

Mark Gray and Jay McQueen (producer and former college football player at East Carolina/Arena League) were great to work with and I look forward to big things with these cats. We'll seeeeeeeee

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