Monday, October 13, 2008

Ready...Set...Meeting....Go!'s Monday morning and I'm really getting excited about the official start of college basketball practice Friday at 7pm! The good thing is all teams are undefeated and have the same goals! Yeah, ok some are more realistic than others but, that's not the point. :) Everyone is starting behind the line, at the begining of the race.

I will fly to Winston-Salem, NC tonight for the MEAC (Mid Eastern Athletic Conference) conference Head Coaches' meeting tomorrow morning and the Conference's annual Kick Off Media luncheon
Wednesday. This is the opportunity for the media to speak with the coaches in the conference regarding their expectation(s) for the coming season. A couple of weeks ago, all the head coaches and SID's (sports information directors) voted on pre-season all conference teams, player of the year and the pre-season predictions of where the teams will finish. The head coaches meeting is designed for the coaches to strategize about the coming season's issues regarding college coaches and the future of the conference. We meet with the supervisor of officials, talk about the scheduling of non-conference opponents and discuss ways to highten the visablity of the MEAC as a whole. Oh, if you are wondering why we are having the luncheon in Winston-Salem, it's because that's the location of the 2009 MEAC tournament. I wonder if I will have to pay for the peanuts, pillow, soda or leg room on my flight? There's no telling now! Oh yeah, I'm flying Southwest, I should be aiight!

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