Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They got it Twisted!

FIVE mo days ya'll! 5 more days until the election! Man...the anticipation is killing me! I won't comment on the ignorance that folks are displaying regarding Obama, his policies, his religion and heritage. I will say what I said earlier will be a blow out! It's a new sheriff in town!

We were supposed to have practice today, but we had some discipline issues to deal with regarding the team. I will spare you the gory details but the entire time alloted for practice was spent running! All coaches have their opinions on how valuable practice time is and discipline etc., I feel that you nip things in the bud as early as possible. Because you try to ignore an injury doesn't mean it's going to heal. Often times it gets worst. Mold in a house ain't going to go away, it's going to get worst. Correct it now! I told the guys that they had to realize how mad or upset I would be because of missed practice time, cause they know how much I really LOVE practice. We talkin bout prack tiss ya'll! It's a classroom, a learning environment, a lab, a refuge, my get-a-way...ya'll get the point! Don't mess wit another man's work! They will have a speaker tomorrow after their 5 a.m run and practice Friday with a scrimmage at and against the University of Delaware on Saturday. Oh yeah, that scrimmage is after their 5 a.m run Saturday morning! Yeah...I'm a lil pissed off about something! But I'm keeping my cool! For real I am...I see ya'll laughing, but believe me...:)

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