Sunday, October 26, 2008

Health Care is important 2 Everyone!

The Redskins pulled out another one! Dallas fans have been quite lately...they have enough to worry about! lol Man, they play alittle to close sometimes. I know it's not by design but went I'm talking Skins football I'm a fan, not a coach. We play Pittsburgh next week, hope we get some of those injured cats back.

Practice was late today...7-9 p.m. We actually went alittle later cause we had officials at practice again. We are covering alot as we get closer to Nov. 15th. That's our first game of the season and right now we have a one game season! Practice was o.k. I'm a little frustrated cause I want these guys to be further along right now. We have some vets out because of injuries so I'm trying to remind myself of that and that the new guys are at least getting reps. We do have depth this year cause, if this would have happen last year, we would have not been able to do much for a lack of bodies.

Three weeks away from jumping it up baby! I love this game!

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