Friday, October 24, 2008

Protect Da House Ya'll...No Pain...No Gain

Today was hectic around campus as the Tailgaters started setting up their tents etc. It's like the Morgan Mob is ascending on North Baltimore for 48 hours. We couldn't practice in our gym because they had a tarp down. A tarp for those that are scratching their a plastic cover they put on the gym floor to protect it from scuffs etc. during events. The problem is that they are using the old or a very old tarp (that caused the old floor to get jacked up) and they should buy a new tarp. The gym floor really looks good! It's going to look great for T.V games. It's a shame they won't buy a new tarp to save the floor, it's like wearing old shoes with a new suit. It don't work homie!

Practice wasn't very good. It was sloppy and their attention span was weak. We gave them off yesterday and were concerned how they would respond to a day off. I really try to be an example to the guys that everyday is a new day and you have to motivate yourself everyday or as that say in D.C...erry day! Growing pains I guess. Young people have a hard time these days being self motivated! We're working wit 'em ya'll! I love my job or what I do but it doesn't come without some struggle...

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