Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If THEY win...the JOKE'S on US!

One of the funnies things I’ve seen in a long time, is the spoof on Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric and the Barack Obama/John McCain debate on Saturday Night Live. You can watch it online by googling “Saturday Night Live Palin.” If you haven’t seen this…please go on and watch it! Hilarious!!!!! As a friend of mine said, America can’t possibly vote McCain and Palin into office after we’ve laughed so hard at their expense. I mean, I read an article this morning and the woman writing the article didn’t even sound right trying to justify Palin. She talked about how the words Palin uses are more familiar to American people and that “heck” and “darn” is part of her appeal. People can relate to her and that Barack uses too many long uuhhs. HUH? Can you say Katie Couric? Please Google this folks…I mean, “heck” what else do you have to do “darn!” Live…It’s Saturday Night!

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