Friday, September 12, 2008

What have you done for me lately?

It’s Friday morning and I just dropped my baby girl off at her bus stop. As I was driving back down route 50 I reflected on yesterday’s individual workouts and was encouraged by the competitiveness of “The Bigs”. That’s the big men on the team if you’re not following. They competed in yesterday’s workouts and it was good to see. Coaching is so satisfying when you see young people grow and become more confident in themselves and their ability to go beyond what their minds initially thought they could. As I always tell the fellas though, one good day doesn’t make you a player. Anybody can have a good day (a broken clock is right twice a day), anybody can have a good week. Can you be consistent? Can you motivate yourself every time you step on the floor or wake up for that matter?

We will have a conditioning day today and we are participating in a parade tomorrow afternoon. We were invited by the mayor’s office to participate in the Parade of Champions in the city of Baltimore. The starting point is at Patterson Park but I’m not sure where it will end. It’ll be an opportunity for the fellas to receive some recognition for a successful season last year. We have to move on though and not continue to stay on last season because last season is exactly that, LAST season. We’ll have one more acknowledgement of last season when we receive our rings for winning the conference regular season title last year. We will get them right before we start our first official practice of the year on Midnight Madness. Man, let me go get my workout on cause my body keeps reminding me that the working out I did last week ain’t gonna carry me through this week! Anybody can have ONE good week huh? :)

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