Saturday, September 20, 2008

Batter...Batter! Don't Start None, Won't Be None!

Well, I know you want to know all about the softball game we had today. First of all, it was A LOT of FUN! We had a good time and really enjoyed ourselves. The ladies were really good sports and the guys hammed it up as usual. I pitched, just so you know. They let us have 10 guys in the field and they also shared their gloves with us. We thought we had some gloves but Coach McClain’s friend accidently took them out of town with him. The fellas did a little chant before we got started and Mr. Carson took a picture of all of us that I can’t wait to see and put on my office wall. Then... we got it ON!

The ladies took it easy on us and didn’t throw too much HEAT! Some of the pitches were tight and I know they weren’t use to such large pitching pockets (I know I’m saying it wrong but you guys know what I mean). We started out the first inning down 2-0. The ladies were all over us! Chanting, cheering and chanting…it looked like it was going to be a long day. I actually asked Coach Bozier if we could play a couple of games, not knowing how beat up my body would feel after 7 innings. Well, needless to say, the Men’s Hoop squad came back in the game and won 6-2! As I said, it was a lot of fun and the ladies were good sports. We talked about mixing the teams up next time. It was a good day! Hey…I think the pitching was “Da Difference”! LOL

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