Thursday, September 18, 2008

Each One Teach One...

We started our Speaker's Bureau today. That’s a program we have where we bring in professionals from all facets of life to speak to our guys. It’s a program that I ran in my Cal days and I thought it was very productive. The speakers will range from Police officers to Nutritionists to Bank Managers to Attorneys to reformed drug addicts. In the past, I’ve had speakers that were HIV positive, media consultants and retired NBA players, so the range is far reaching. We also have a program where we will read to kids every week to put our guys in a position to give back to the local community. The obligation is to teach these guys more than just basketball and to show them how life and basketball, or sports in general, mirror each other.

We have a softball game on Saturday verses the Women’s softball team. These young ladies are really coming after us. I didn’t mean to insult or instigate anything when I proposed the game. I just wanted to do something where we could have some fun. We were planning to play the people in the financial aid and admissions office but settled on the women’s softball team and Coach Bozier has generously accommodated us. I was driving to campus the other day and some of the ladies taunted me! How bout that? I really hope they take it easy on us cause lord knows we can’t hit those speed balls they throw! We’ll see though…as Master P use to say…”We Bout, Bout It!” Bring it on ladies! lol

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