Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Pause for the Political Cause....Rock the Vote!

Vote People Vote! I just hope that people really get out and vote this November. The Presidential race, to me, is already written. People should still get out and vote so the process will truly represent the voice of the people. Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. I say that because of his ability to communicate, his ability to deal with adversity, his racial makeup, his ability to move people, his calm demeanor, his position on the issues and the fact that he likes hoops! Nah…just kidding on the hoops deal. He has succeeded despite the many obstacles he has faced. No one thought he would defeat Hillary Clinton either and I don’t think women will vote for McCain just because he put a woman on the ticket. I would think that that would be insulting to women to think they would vote for a candidate just because a woman is on his ticket. Sure some folks are voting for Obama because he’s black (some in the black community are and they shouldn’t) but the majorities are not. Plus the cat represents both races and the Democrats wouldn’t just put a candidate up just to get a particular segment of votes.

Hey, the Democratic Convention's audience had much more diversity in it than the Republican Convention did. The DNC also was livelier than the RNC. You talking about boring…hey but I watched it. One, to give them a fair chance to hear what they had to say and two, so I would know where they were coming from and what angle they were going to use. I had my children watch both for the same reasons. Aiight…enough of the political rhetoric but I really do hope people get out and Vote. A lot of folks have sacrificed their lives etc. for all of us to have a right to vote. I am Todd Bozeman and I approve this message…LOL!

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