Monday, September 1, 2008

Every Little Step We Take....You Will Be There

Game two was against the home/host team, the Windsor University Lancers. I really thought it would be tough for us to beat the home team especially since they lost their first game vs SIU. I thought the officials would make sure they shot enough free throws or that we wouldn't have enough players on the floor to finish. Hey...I'm just being honest. Look, we are playing FIBA rules, foreign teams and fans view American teams a little different and they were already 0-1 vs the US college teams. But, we won 70-59 and the guys played better. We still didn't shoot well from the free throw line but there were some positive spots and we will build on that during the pre-season work. Rogers Barnes and Ameer Ali led us in scoring and Marquise Kately even played, which makes a difference for us too. We probably could have gotten out of Windsor after the game but our flight was not scheduled until this morning. We will have breakfast at the same deli we've been eating at and catch the bus to the airport at 10 a.m. We are connecting through Chicago so, that means more Garrett's popcorn.

Again, win, lose or draw the extra practice time and the game experience is well worth the time. It was a good trip, the guys had a chance to bond and the youngsters got a chance to play. We learned a lot about our team and tried some new things so now we have a baseline. The guys really do seem to like each other now they just have to get in shape! We took another positive step!

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