Monday, September 15, 2008

The Closer I Get 2 You!

Today(Sept. 15th) marks the first day college basketball teams can start team workouts. You get an hour per week to workout the entire team. That is in addition to the workouts with no more than four players at a time and the conditioning. Makes for a long week huh? That’s the life of a college basketball player. Today’s workout was cool. We introduced some defensive concepts and will slowly incorporate our defensive schemes and principles. We still have guys throwing up because of the work. Hey I know the returners told all the new guys that, “Boze” is crazy and you better do some extra running on your own to prepare. I am excited about this day because it gets us closer to October 15th or based on the rule, we can start practice on the 17th because it’s the closest Friday to October 15th. I'm excited, but my guys will tell you that I’m always excited….I love practice, what can I say!

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