Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Body Double Needed....Work That Body!

Today is Wednesday and it’s an individual workout day. We have four groups of four players each that we workout for 30 minutes until everyone gets an opportunity to improve their skill level. It’s an intense session and we’ve had other coaches (High school and college) sit in on the sessions to observe. This is also my third day in a row swimming. I’m trying to incorporate another form of exercise to keep my blood flowing and my weight down. I’ve been running in the mornings and swimming in the evenings, trying to shock the old body. Next week I will alternate the days and pace myself. That swimming is a beast! I’m not sure if there is another form of exercise where you use every muscle in your body. I started out with just a few laps and will increase it each day until I can do 20 laps straight and roll out! Just know that I am sleeping good at night 4 sho!

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