Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Pain...No Gain!

Individual workouts are done in groups of four. We generally put the point guards in a group, the 2 guards in a group, the wings in a group and the bigs in a group. They rotate in the gym every 35 minutes and go through a series of drills to fit their particular positions. This is the time to incorporate the shots the guys will get in the games and teach them the pace that we want to play. It also serves as a conditioner as well. The individual workouts are on opposite days of the team conditioning. I love this time of the year cause you have an opportunity to help guys get better, which is what you promise them during the recruiting process. So far the guys are working hard but we've had one pass out, one run to the rest room to vomit and one that couldn't finish a drill! They don't make em like they use to huh? It happens every year and whenever you try to prepare incoming guys for the difference in the level of preparation, they never truly understand until they hit that wall on the very first day. To quote one of the newcomers, "Coach, it's more than I expected, but I'll be aiight!" And in the words of Chuck Brown...."Sho your right!" :) We've got 3 more weeks of pre-season conditioning to go and it only gets worst! "Run Joe, Run Joe"....only the Go-Go folks will get that!

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