Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boot Camp! Let's Get It On.....!

We started our conditioning program Monday afternoon. We put our guys through a test to gauge what kind of shape they are in and to no ones surprise...they still have a long way to go. The thing I will never understand is how a college athlete can ever really get out of shape. At the risk of sounding like Mr. Johnson(the old cat at the rec we all know who made us take our hat off every time we came in the door)...I wonder how a college athlete could ever get out of shape. I do realize that game shape is different but as a former college athlete...I always ran in the summers and worked at staying in some kind of shape. Hey, I would stay in shape just to avoid that burning you get in your chest when you just start to get into shape for the first time.

Just so you know, the guys generally improve their stamina once we complete the conditioning program but as a coach you would hope the new guys take heed to the returners forewarning them that the conditioning/ workouts are a BEAST dude! The next day consist of the individual workouts and then back to team conditioning the following day. It's an ongoing process that ends a couple of days before the first official day of practice, which always starts on the closest Friday to October 15th every season. That's Midnight Madness baby!

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