Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanksgiving isn't always just in November!

Today the fellas had a representative from Bank of America speak to them. It was a good presentation regarding bank accounts, opening an account, balancing a check book and keeping change. The guys were attentive and some have bank accounts, some don’t but they all pretty much asked questions and so…it was a good day. I think it’s important to attempt to provide these guys with information and tools that will help them beyond basketball. Some of the questions were regarding establishing credit and maintaining credit. The fellas really had their minds on their money and their money on their minds. Lol! Some of ya’ll will get that, some won’t!

Today is also Dr. Richardson’s birthday and I was glad I had a chance to see him and to congratulate him on his recent announcement that he will be retiring in December 2009. Doc has been the president of Morgan for 25 years, has done tremendous things for Morgan and deserves to chill and watch the fruits of his labor. After he hired me back into college coaching, I told him that I wasn’t having anymore children, but if I did, I would name the baby after him. Now, my baby girl would have a tough time explaining why her name was Earl but a promise is a promise! :)

Regarding his retirement, I told him that I was happy for him, sad for me. Of course he said, you’ll be just fine…that’s Doc’s way. He’s a really good cat! No disrespect intended I’m just keeping it real with the way I’ve been doing the blog ya’ll. So stop tripping! At least the term “Cat” is from his era and he can relate to it! THANKS again Dr. Richardson…for believing in one of the young Cats and GIVING him an opportunity to continue a dream!

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