Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Staying Focused! Staying In Touch!

Ok....the Lakers are now down 1-2 in the NBA finals! Kobe has drawn some blood now! Game four is a must! It's funny how every time a team loses a game...people start to think negative! What ever happen to strong belief! Never wavering! Staying focused! It's never over til it's over! Game four is on tomorrow!

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who happens to be a Morgan State grad, and I was sharing my thoughts about my Blog and the fact that alums etc. could follow along as I roam the recruiting trail this summer. Afterwards, I thought I might need to explain that as a college coach, you can't make comments about players in the media. It's deemed as a recruiting advantage. Therefore, I will share my thoughts at each stop this summer. I can't name specific recruits but I can discuss how the tournament is going or how the talent level is at a particular event. The summer recruiting calendar starts on July 6th and ends on the 31st.There is a break however, from July 16-21st, which is called a "dead period", where coaches can't evaluate or have contact with recruits. The NCAA started this a couple of years ago because before, once you left home in didn't return until the end. The break is better for everyone, the players get a break, coaches get a break, families don't have to travel behind their sons for a couple of days and coaches families get to see dad for a minute! Gotta love the summer recruiting!!!!

Game four @ 9pm! The series will be tied 2-2 the next time you hear from me! :)

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