Friday, June 6, 2008

Preparing for the next couple of Months!

Staff meeting yesterday.....planning our summer schedule. My staff, which consist of Kevin McClain, Darryl Prue, Sam Brand and Keith Goodie, met to discuss the rest of the summer's schedule which will include finishing up next years schedule, recruiting, monitoring the guys in summer school, our summer league team (the Kenner league), getting our video editing equipment serviced, stocking office supplies and preparation for our foreign tour on Labor Day weekend. Our program is growing and we are excited about going on a foreign tour for the first time in the program's history.

We are going to Montreal, Canada for, I think, five games. We get to practice before we leave and that will give our returning guys, our new guys and the guys we had sitting out a chance to get introduced to how we want to play. I've been on foreign tours before and it is not only a great experience for the's a great opportunity to bond as a team. The teams I've had in the past had a chance to work out kinks, experiment with line ups and gain some valuable game and international experience.

Needless to say, we completed the staff meeting, had lunch and shared our thoughts about the NBA finals!

All right! It's on now in the NBA finals.....Boston got the first one but "Two-four" is right there! Paul Pierce pulled a Willis Reed imitation......they better get the next one tho! I watched the game in a downtown B more sports bar with my man Don Hill, the head football coach at Morgan State, after hanging out with the rest of the hoops staff at the Jazz Summer's first Thursday.

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Mario Scott said...

The summer months seem to be a very interesting and busy time of year with all of the scheduling, camps, recruiting, etc...I guess this is when you begin to "work the plan"...I'm sure your guys are going to really enjoy the Canadian Tour and it will definitely serve them well in the fall...Good luck and much success....Mario