Friday, June 13, 2008

Even if you hear the BIG Lady humming.... it doesn't mean it's over!

WOW!! Ok…..The Boston Celtics have the momentum on their side now…lol…up 3-1…Last night’s game was history for sure! The Lakers blew a 24 point led? Yes, even in the NBA, a team can blow a huge lead. This example gives credence to the fact that it’s never over til it’s over. For a stretch in the 3rd & 4th quarters, the Lakers looked out of sync. They couldn’t run their offense, couldn’t score and took bad shots! I know Boston was playing great defense, but man……the Lakers looked awful! Props to Doc Rivers for not cashing the chips in and for continuing to motivate his team! And to the players, for not quitting! Oakland cat…Eddie House was a huge lift. Guys like House, Leon Powe (also from Oakland) and Sam Cassell are great examples to young players, of how to be a professional. They don’t always play or are not always in the regular rotation, but are always ready when called upon! Always be ready young guys….you never know sometimes, when your opportunity will come.

Keep fighting Kobe….”It ain’t over til it’s over”! LOL

It’s funny because we had a similar situation, this year at Morgan State, when we played at FAMU. We were up 21 in the first half and squandered the lead minute by minute. I called timeout after timeout, but couldn’t stop the bleeding. We went into the half time up 14 and the slide continued in the second half. So I’ve seen that movie before and know first hand that it can happen.

It’s a life lesson as well….when things are going bad, never give up cause it can always get better and when things are going great…stay focused cause you can always lose it! Stay on your P’s and Q’s is the lesson learned! As coaches always preach….Play til there are Zeros on the clock!

“It ain’t over til it’s over”! Life’s joy is in the journey, not the destination!

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