Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!!!!!

First, I'd like to wish all the Fathers....a Happy Father's Day! Great day over here baby! First of all, I woke up this morning.....Thank you Lord. After dropping my son off (with his assistant coach from his high school team) for his ride to a basketball camp, I went to church(8:30 service and had some great thoughts about my Dad....I really, really miss the cat), played golf with some buddies at 10( we had great weather!), went to a cookout for fathers at my buddy's house, watched The Tiger Woods show (he's the baddest cat on the planet) and then watched the NBA finals! Can't get any better than that! T tried to text message and call as many of the fathers that I know.

Doc Rivers is setting the standard for former players coming out of the T.V booth to coach. People are surprised when guys get head coaching jobs without having coached a team before......but hey, if a guy wins a championship....there's not much you can say! He's doing a great job! A great example of how you should push through tough times. Awful year last the greatest single season turn around in the history of the NBA. I always say, that life and sports mirror it other. Remember that old saying, "Tough times don't last....tough people do!"

Now........back to Tiger! WOW! The cat has been off 9 weeks or so and has a chance to win the first major he's playing in...right off the bat! The BADDEST!

That was the first time I've seen that commercial with his dad talking about his mental toughness! Great commercial and perfect for father's day! People that don't play golf don't understand how good he really is! He has transformed Golf! Everyone is watching golf now. His mental toughness is off the charts! He gets my vote as the best athlete EVER!

For those who still have your fathers around, man, cherish them and enjoy them! God gave me a GIFT for 42 years...and I am truly thankful! Ten years ago I started playing golf to have something to do with my dad.....and the last thing we did together golf. Playing with some of your clubs Pops....Heros live FOREVER! Hope I qualify one day!

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Sandy said...

I really miss your Dad too. He was such a great Father and loving person. We truly miss him as well. We visited him on Father's Day to let him know that he is truly missed!

Sandy (& Kinzie)