Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finals Countdown!! Summer Planning!!

Two days before the NBA Finals start! The wait is tough! I got the Lakers winning it all...in 6! I would like to see a great game 7 in Boston but I don't think "Two-four" will allow that! I'd like to see KG get a ring but I don't think it's going to happen.

On the Morgan State hoops front....on my way back to B-more to take the recruiting test and make our travel schedule for the summer. Some stops are a must but for the most part we will follow teams from the Baltimore & Washington areas. We will attend local summer leagues, camps and jamborees throughout the month of July. The recruiting period for college coaches runs from July 5-31 and camps, tournaments and jamborees will be held in DC, NYC, Orlando and Las Vegas(over 350 teams) to name just a few. The summer circuit is a great way for student-athletes to get exposure and for college coaches to see the student-athletes in large numbers at one time.

So as you can see, July is a very busy month, but I enjoy it because there is some basketball being played almost everyday! Plan your work and Work your plan!

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