Monday, June 23, 2008

Exam time! New women's coach at GW is familar!

Just took my NCAA certification test today. All coaches have to take a 40 question multiple choice exam once a year. You have to score 80% or better to pass and all coaches at every level have to be certified in order to recruit off campus. There are a lot of rules and each test is different. It is an open book test but you only get an hour and 20 minutes to take it. So you have to know where to look to find the answers if you don't know them. We have four coaches, myself included that have to be certified. Director of basketball operations can recruit off campus within a 30 mile radius. Your certification is good for a year, so it takes you through the spring of the following year. If you fail the test, it has happened to some coaches, you must wait a certain number of days before you can take the test again. You must pass before you can recruit off campus. Oh yeah...I passed!

Press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 1 p.m on the campus of George Washington University! My brother Mike will be introduced as the Head Women's basketball coach for the Lady Colonials. It's a great opportunity and he will do extremely well! I'm really happy for him and only wish our father was here to attend the press conference and the games. I say it that way because I know he looking down and guiding both of our steps. We all miss him A LOT! Mike was the Head girls coach at Bishop McNamara High school 5 years ago. One of his teams went undefeated until the last game of the season and that one lost cost them the girls high school National championship! They were the number one ranked team in the USA Today girls high school basketball poll all year until the end. It was tough but they had a great season. I felt really bad for the girls. My niece Nikki was on the team and all the girls use to, and I guess still, call me Uncle Todd. Seven or eight of those girls went on to play division one basketball and the majority received scholarships. He's had players at Georgetown, Louisville, Maryland, UNC Chapel Hill, Purdue, UNC Charlotte, NC Central, UNC Greensboro, Winthrop, George Washington and Bowie State. You want to know why he went into women's basketball...he has six daughters! He's the "Kang" of the house for sure. I spelled it's King in other circles but "Kang" at his house! LOL!

Good Luck little brother! You're prepared so take your exam...Plan your work and work your Plan! Go Lady Colonials!

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